“You’re FIRED, leave the boardroom, NOW!

“You’re FIRED”!  The two immortal words spoken by the business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar on the British reality show “The Apprentice”. Many regular T.V. viewers tune in every week to see the 20/30 contestants battle it out to secure a place in the final four.  The competitiveness of the participants leads to constant bickering and back biting between them.  The contestants are split into two teams and each team then has to pick a Project leader and a Sub-team leader.  The teams then have to complete a task set by Lord Sugar, usually based around which group can make the most money. The team that wins gets to stay another week and within the losing team at least one member is “FIRED”!  At the end of each challenge the two teams gather in the boardroom to hear from Sir Alan’s trusted advisors how they got on.  Karren Brady and Claude Littner follow the contestants around as they complete their tasks to see who works well and who is the weakest link. They also advise him in the boardroom and report any weaknesses. The two teams each sit in their individual Operator Chair like waiting to take an exam.  Being back in a classroom as if they were in Operator chairs for schools, they must explain what they did on each task.

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When there are only four contestants left, they are the finalists and present their business plans to Lord Sugar and several trusted advisors.  The contestant deemed to have the plan with the most credibility is announced the winner and becomes Lord Sugars new Apprentice.

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