Where will your wardrobe take you?

Have you ever wished you had a magical wardrobe like the one that features in ‘The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe’? A magic wardrobe that could transport you to a special place. Perhaps not Narnia, but a place of your dreams or imagination. Here are some of the places you might wish to find at the back of your wardrobe:

A snowy fantasy land

Do you dream of seeing the Northern Lights or feeding the reindeer? Maybe you would like to step into thick, soft snow and stay in a cosy log cabin in front of a traditional open fire? If your idea of a wonderful vacation is to stay in an ice hotel, build snowmen to your heart’s content or dog sledding, then you might wish your wardrobe led directly to Lapland.

A sandy paradise

Most of us would probably wish the back of our wardrobe would take us to a stunning beach somewhere hot and tropical. Soft, golden sand leading up to a warm, shallow, turquoise ocean. A hammock hung between two palm trees to relax in while we sip from a coconut cocktail complete with umbrellas! The gentle sounds of the waves bubbling up on the shore and a warm breeze rustles the leaves. Yes, please!

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Bustling cityscape

Perhaps you would love your wardrobe to whisk you off somewhere busy and cosmopolitan? If your idea of heaven is the hustle and bustle of a city’s shopping district, complete with designer boutiques and endless retail therapy then you’ll want a wardrobe that takes you to New York, London, Paris or Tokyo. Shop til you drop, then hit some of the biggest and best nightclubs in the world? You’re a vibrant, energetic person who loves to be surrounded by others.

Desert Adventures

Have you always wanted to ride a camel across a hot, arid desert? Perhaps you fancy yourself as a bit of a Lawrence of Arabia character? Wrapped in cooling white cotton, avoid the sandstorms and head off on a camel adventure, meeting various nomadic tribes along the way. Whilst there is no guarantee you’ll get a magic wardrobe, you can get brand new, bespoke Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes from https://lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/

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Jungle Living

Taking a step from your wardrobe could land you in the middle of the rainforest. Monkeys swinging past you on vines, bright beautiful birds swooping overhead and the patter of warm rain on the canopy above. If your ideal fantasy getaway is to be like Indiana Jones and go treasure-hunting in a hot, steamy jungle, you might get the chance to dive in stunning waterfalls, swing like Tarzan and discover some ancient civilisation’s treasure.

Endless Clothes

It could be that your dream wardrobe goes nowhere in particular but simply reveals an endless rack of all the clothes you could ever wish for! If you find there’s never enough room in your wardrobe for all the clothes you keep buying, it might be time to wish for a magical extension or at least, a new wardrobe that’s designed especially to suit your storage needs!


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