What’s in the wardrobe for winter.

The UK’s weather is very dependent on wind. As we are an island if we get a good strong northern or north eastern blast we can expect to have some cold and wintery weather come our way. With that in mind what should you have nestled in the wardrobe ready to come out to combat this chilly outlook? If you think it’s looking a bit sparse it is definitely time to take a look at what XV Kings Menswear, available through EJ Menswear has to offer.

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The main thing is that you need to have a nice selection of Jumpers. Don’t be tempted to make them all the chunky types the weather is hardly at arctic levels. It’s nice to have a Christmas Jumper, the cheesier and flamboyant the better. However don’t fall victim to fast fashion, one is more than enough for every year. It’s nice to have a few thinner ones to make sure that you can have the layering process down pat. T-Shirts are also required but the super thin cotton ones won’t help you. It might be a good idea to invest in some nice thicker cotton Polo or Rugby tops instead.

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Make sure you have some stout boots for venturing out in or at least some solid shoes. Leather is popular for a reason in that it keeps out the wet. You are more likely to come across puddles and snow melt before snow drifts after all. In terms of trousers, the cargo pants offer the best bet. Jeans are fine but if they get wet they can cling and even give you a chill.

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