What is metal spraying?

Metals are incredibly hard and durable, but they have their weaknesses, too. Depending on the type of metal, some surfaces can be at risk from oxidisation – or rusting – and other forms of corrosion. This is why metal spraying can be a vital addition when it is necessary to protect a metal surface.

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Hot techniques

While many types of metal spraying are available, including detonation spraying and Plasma Spray, they generally all involve a high level of heat. The preferred application material is raised to a very high temperature, then atomised into minute particles that are sprayed onto the metal surface. These particles then immediately form a smooth, hard layer on the metal that is extremely strong and durable.

Metal spraying is often used where protection against corrosion is needed, in conjunction with that protection being of a high quality and precise form where the finish and performance must be of the highest standards.

Metalworking has a long tradition in the UK. For more on changes in the industry, see this report in The Guardian.

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A range of benefits

Apart from corrosion protection, metal spraying also brings other advantages to surfaces that are coated, such as increasing or decreasing friction, improving the hardness of the metal surface, ensuring that it lasts longer, protecting sensitive surfaces and modifying the surface electrically. The technique is extremely popular because it is easier, faster and a better value than the alternatives.

The metal spraying technique can also be used with a wide variety of materials, which add different assets to the metal surface. If you want to find out more about how Plasma Spray can give your metal surfaces the sleek, durable protection they need, take a look at reputable suppliers who offer a range of plasma spray services that will meet your needs. It is always worthwhile to gather some information about how the coating will perform and deliver the benefits that you seek.

Metal spraying is a versatile and cost-effective treatment that extends the life of metal surfaces, enabling them to last longer and provide extended service. By applying the right material, other benefits can also be added at the same time. Because it involves high temperatures, metal spraying should always be carried out by a specialist in the field with access to the necessary equipment.

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