Wedding Superstitions: Fact or Fiction?

Superstitions are strange things. We know that logically they make absolutely no sense but we still can’t shift the uneasy feeling that folklore is trying to tell us something! Some of these you may be familiar while others will be new, but here are some weird and wonderful wedding superstitions for all you future brides and grooms to either fret over or laugh away:

Same Letter, Last Name

If your last names begin with the same letter then you may need to reconsider your upcoming wedding. According to folklore, it was certainly bad luck and there is even a poem dedicated to this issue. ‘The change of name and not the letter, is to change for the worst and not the better’. Something to keep in mind or a load of old codswallop?

Avoid the month of May

Apparently ‘You will rue the day’ you get married in May. Not sure why our ancestors had it in for the fifth month but this poem sees fit to offer us this warning for some reason. Fortunately, not many people pay attention because May is a wonderful month to get married, often with beautiful weather and all the blooms out.

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Colour of your dress

The colour of the dress you choose acts as an indication of your future happiness. Many brides choose to ditch the traditional white but it may serve you to remember this old rhyme:

Red, you’ll wish you were dead,

Yellow, ashamed of your fellow,

Green, ashamed to be seen,

Pink, your spirits will sink,

Grey, you will go far away,

Black, you will wish yourself back

Given the red colour is viewed as very lucky in many cultures throughout Asia and India, you can take this one with a pinch of salt. As with any other colour, most people still choose an off-white, cream or ivory that does not get a mention so we should be safe! Whatever colour you decide, you will be picture perfect. Choose a St Giles House Wedding from a site like


In English folklore, finding a spider in your wedding dress is the ultimate in luck. If you happen to notice one of these creatures before you head down the aisle, scream and jump about all you want but this is one of the lucky omens.

Flower choice

Research flowers that you like to make sure you know what they stand for. Roses are traditional favourites and symbolize love, but if you like the peony, you may want to reconsider. Unfortunately, they represent a sense of shame, which is not a sentiment you want on your special day!

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Throwing shoes!

According to medieval tradition, male wedding guests had to throw shoes at the newly engaged couple. It may sound like a painful activity but was supposed to bring good luck. Fortunately, in modern times, we’ve tweaked this tradition and now it is customary to simply tie a pair to the back of the couple’s car.


Residing in the UK, there is not much we can do about the rain on our special day so maybe we shouldn’t analyze this one too close. Some legends say rain on your wedding day is cleansing and boosts fertility while others claim it represents all the crying that will occur during your wedding.

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