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Web page the first search engines emerged in the early 90s, including Yahoo. In 1996, Google was created and the web boom began in this way. Many people believed that they could make money with them and thus came to the conclusion that they needed to attract traffic. But….

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engine optimization or search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines. The most important reason why SEO is necessary is that it makes your website more useful for both users and search engines. Although these cannot yet see a web page as a human does. SEO is necessary to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful for users.

5 SEO tips to position a Web page in 2018

Do you want to locate your Website among the first search results? TAKE NOTE! Currently, there are many factors to take into account when positioning a web page, but here we will only show the 5 best results:

Link building – Google sees the links as recommendations. That is, if a website with high domain authority puts a link pointing to your page, understands that it is recommending it and, if the Web page has a lot of relevance and authority, the linked page will go up a few hit positions, especially if it is too down. Keep reading http://wolff-tech.com/6-ways-that-bad-web-design-will-damage-your-business/Web page

Keyword Research – It is the basis of any SEO strategy. Before performing any optimization, it is essential to analyze the keywords you want to position and confirm that there are no other alternatives that may be more interesting. The key is not to choose keywords with many searches. It is best to target mid and long tail keywords that, although they have fewer monthly searches, have less competition with which they can deal with.Web page

URLs friendly with keywords – One of the factors that work best now and will continue to do so in 2018, is the introduction of the main keyword in the domain name and the URLs of the rest of the sections. On the other hand, the rest of URLs of the website must be friendly. This means that keywords that make sense with the content in the slug of the URL must be entered, in order to avoid the use of parameters and rare characters that a person does not understand.Web page

CTR + Rebound Percentage – Another of the SEO tips that will triumph in 2018 is to take care of the rebound percentage and try to increase the CTR. The CTR is the percentage of clicks that your results are carried out with respect to the times that appear in the SERPS of Google. If users click a lot on their pages, more than on the pages above, Google will understand that their link is better than their competitors and will go up little by little. The bounce rate is the rate of users who have gone to your website and have gone back where they came from without interacting with it. This mainly occurs because your title announces something that you do not show in the content, or because you have some usability and responsiveness problem for some specific devices.Web page

SEO Optimization On-Page – SEO On Page refers to the use of the main keywords within the content generated on your website. It is essential that these keywords are found in the titles, in the subtitles, in the body of their contents, in the alt attribute of the images, in the meta description tag, etc. in order to reach the highest levels of optimization and achieve This way a better positioning.Web page

In addition, in 2018 it will be even more important the loading speed of your Web page to the continuous increase of the use of the smartphone to surf the Internet, so it is ideal to take care of this aspect if you do not want to stay behind.

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