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Vigo essential: What to see and what to do

Vigo essential, if you have never thought of Vigo as one of those cities that is worth it, you are already slow to put it on your must-see list. I have always heard that Vigo is an ugly and uninteresting city, but after having lived in it for 10 years and remembering it every day, I think the time has come to break a spear in its favor.

Maybe Vigo is not the model city in urban planning or organization, but Vigo has an essence that is unique and above all, many corners that are worth discovering.

If you do not want to go for free and you want to make a general visit to the city before traveling on your own, there are free tours that teach you the most relevant in a couple of hours in exchange for a tip.

That is why in this article I want to propose you a series of places to visit and things to do in Vigo to present your best face and that way you are encouraged to stop the next time you come to Galicia. Viewpoints, sunsets, art, delicious food (very rich), walks in nature … Will you accompany me?

Vigo essential: The best of architectureVigo essential

Although Vigo is not famous for its buildings, the truth is that some downtown streets are a delight in terms of architecture. If you take a walk through the lively pedestrian street of Príncipe or through the monumental Policarpo Sanz, Colón, and Gran Vía, as well as its adjoining streets. Read more: Boat Insurance: Why Get It?

In addition, the Casco Vello and after a very good renovation work, it is an ideal place to stroll among small antique stores, pop-up stores, startups and new business forms. El Casco Vello has gone from being a very undesirable place to being the home of the most hipsters in the city. In addition, the Casco Vello is one of the best areas for tapas, but we will talk about that later.

Vigo essential: The best viewsVigo essential

If yours are the beautiful views, in Vigo that’s enough. Vigo is a city with many slopes, so finding a place to contemplate the sea is usually not complicated. And if you want incredible sunsets, well you’re also lucky. Read more: How to decorate the ceiling in a modern way

The O Castro Park: In addition to recommending that you take a good walk through it since it is a very pleasant park, you should not miss the views of the estuary and the Cies Islands at sunset.

Monte de A Guide: Although it is located on the outskirts of the city, it is a very quiet place, with beautiful views and a heritage that you will love.

Vigo essential: For art loversVigo essentia

What to see and do in Vigo when you are an art fan? Well, there are varied options for all tastes, so we started:

FRAME: The Museum of Contemporary Art. Located in the City Center, it is the ideal place if you are looking for alternative exhibitions. This is the official website of the museum to check schedules, prices and exhibitions.

Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation: They have temporary exhibitions that, although they are not very large, tend to be very good. Here you can consult to know more.

As for sculpture, Vigo has a series of easily recognizable icons and figures that you have to point out, like more or like less. This is the list of those that I think you should visit if you are in the city :

The Siren: Located at the beginning of Prince, this sculpture is one of the most beloved and hated in the city. The controversy is served. And as if that were not enough, for just over a year, this mermaid has been accompanied by a dino set, that is, a dinosaur made of shrubs.

The lamppost of Prince: Imagine that you like the city so much that you decide to stay and live. How are you going to meet your friends if you do not know where the Prince’s lamppost is? Well, it is right at the end of Calle Príncipe and has been a meeting point since the mid-twentieth century.

The Swimmer: The truth is that this sculpture and the square in which it is located (Praza da Estrela) seem to me to be the best in the city, so do not miss it. To get there you have a nice walk through the Plaza de Compostela and the Arenal and you can return walking along the seashore and going through Montero Ríos, a slightly expensive area, but also beautiful and lively to have a drink.

The Horses: Presiding one of the entrances of the city are the Horses of Plaza de España, whose balance is fascinating and reminiscent of the wild horses that once inhabited the area.

Los Pescadores (sculpture to work): In the lower part of the Gran Vía, is one of the most beloved sculptures of Vigo and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful as well.

Praza da Miñoca: This sculpture of a giant worm that hides on one side of the square and comes out on the other is perhaps a little freaky, but I love it, so I recommend it 100%.

Praza da Industria: Although this plaza is not the most beautiful (or at least I do not think so) the giant blacksmith in the middle is at least amazing. Let’s see what you think!

Vigo essential: Walks and open airVigo essential

Although Vigo as such has no urban beach, there are very beautiful walks, some of which you can follow for miles. So if you go to Vigo and you’re thinking about what you could do to move around a bit, here are some suggestions:

The River Walk Lagares: From Avenida de Madrid and along about 8 Kms this beautiful blue path is a perfect river walk that will take you directly to the beach of Samil.

Castrelos Park: In spring it is beautiful full of trees in bloom, but also keeps one of the most beloved auditoriums for summer concerts and the majestic  Pazo Quiñones de León, which in addition to hosting exhibitions of various kinds is where the crème of the créme of the city.

Vigo essential: Where to eat

Another thing is not, but if there is something to do in Vigo it is to eat well. The gastronomic offer in recent years is extensive and varied. So, together with my friends, we have compiled a series of real recommendations and places that we go to eat in Vigo for all tastes.

Vigo essential: The best of the surroundingsVigo essential

Although in Vigo there is much to see and do, we must recognize that in addition to the city itself, one of the main attractions are the surroundings. There are many beaches and cliffs where you can get lost, walk, sunbathe and watch the sunset. But let’s focus on 3 recommendations :

Cangas: Crossing the estuary on the boat to Cangas is well worth it, not only for the views offered by the boat but also because Cangas do Morrazo is a village delight. Do not forget to visit its historical center and keep in mind the slogan of the town: “Do as the sun, summer in Cangas”

Islas Cíes: This wonder of nature, is worth a visit if you go to Vigo between the months of April and October (depending on the years), which is the season in which the boats circulate. Here you can read another article about what to see and do in the province of Pontevedra where we give you more information. And here you can make the reservation of the round trip boat.

Mirador do Cepudo: That Instagram bank overlooking the Vigo estuary will delight even the most rancid. You can go up by car or walking along the Path of Auga and in the highest part, there is a restaurant where besides eating very well if you ask for a table next to the window, you will feel like the king of the world.

Surely I have remained things in the pipeline between all that can be seen and done in Vigo, but it is impossible to summarize everything in an article. So if you think there is an essential visit that has been left behind, leave us a comment and we will be happy to include it.

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