Unusual cold and flu remedies from around the world

Something you can always rely on is a cold or dose of flu every winter. All around the globe, people have been trying different remedies since time began to combat the unpleasant and sometimes deadly symptoms of the common cold and influenza virus. Thankfully, the most any of us will experience are the uncomfortable and annoying symptoms of seasonal colds. Which, if any of these could help?

Gogol Mogol

This bizarre-sounding concoction originates in the Ukraine and Russia and consists of whisking an egg yolk with some sugar or honey. The mixture is then poured into warm milk with some melted butter. It sounds delicious and could help ease the scratchiness of a sore throat, but no studies have ever confirmed whether it genuinely helps a cold.

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Dirty Socks

This piece of folklore is thought to originate in England, but you’ll probably want to give it a miss if you’re already feeling rough! You grease your throat with lard or chicken fat and then tie dirty socks around it. It is thought the treatment induced sweating in a bid to rid the body of unhealthy germs. More helpfully, in age before antibiotics and vaccines, it probably served as a warning for others to stay well away! Help the world of medicine find a real cure for flu and colds by participating in Paid Medical Trials with www.trials4us.co.uk

Ai Ye

In China, people burn the dried leaves of this plant in their homes for its antiseptic properties. People believe it stops germs and infections from spreading between people. It is a plant that’s used in a lot of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s probably not a good idea to inhale any smoke when suffering with a cold though as smoke will irritate the respiratory system.

Hot Chocolate

Now, this is a potential remedy that sounds delicious. UK research studies have looked at the role of theobromine in suppressing coughs. Theobromine is found in cocoa. When compared with codeine, theobromine was more effective. The study wasn’t big enough to confirm if cocoa can be used as a cough treatment, but it certainly wouldn’t do you any harm to try!

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Pickled Plums

Known as umeboshi in Japan, the sour pickled plum is used to prevent and help treat flu, colds and many other illnesses. In actual fact, it isn’t a plum at all but rather a type of apricot. It can be consumed on its own, although a little sour, or brewed in hot tea with lemon and ginger. It is thought to have strong antibacterial qualities, although this has never been backed up by science.


They might not be your favourite vegetable, but the humble turnip is a powerhouse of vitamins. For those suffering with a cold in Iran, it is quite normal for a plate of cooked and mashed turnips to be eaten. As well as being packed full of vitamin C, the turnip is thought to act as an expectorant, meaning it loosens mucus and helps ease a cough.










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