Different types of Chinese food, which is more famous

It is a traditional recipe, identifiable with its ingredients and origins. True Chinese cuisine is nothing like the one we know in Asian restaurants in the West. We are describing types of Chinese food. It is a traditional recipe, identifiable with its ingredients and origins. True Chinese cuisine is nothing like the one we know in Asian restaurants in the West. While the ingredients are the same and sometimes the names are identical, but the realization of some dishes is no longer according to tradition.

Types of Chinese food

China is the biggest country. It has a lot of culture and tradition. Today we are talking about

  1. Sichuan beans, types of Chinese food


Examples include Gān biān sì jì dòu or Sichuan-style beans. This is a sautéed dish with little oil, giving the beans a unique and crunchy texture. In the authentic recipe, the dish is very spicy and garnished with the famous Sichuan pepper. Although originally from Sichuan, this dish can be ordered in almost any restaurant in China.

 2. Pork sweet and sour sauce

The sweet and sour pork is a classic Shanghainese cuisine. We must insist on the importance of the sauce in this recipe. Not only is it a binding element but it has a very characteristic flavor. It is fruity than any other Chinese sour sauces because pineapple is often mixed in some areas of China. A pinch of sugar softens the mixture. The flavor association is explosive under conditions of good control dosages.

 3. Fish with peppers

The Shuang jiāo yú tóu is relatively unknown in the West. This is a fish dish with hot peppers. It is mainly used in Hunan and in coastal areas. The fish is split in the middle and coated with different types of peppers.

 4. Fish-flavored eggplants, types of Chinese food

The fragrant eggplant fish is a typical Chinese dish. In the recipe, we actually find eggplants but not only. Garlic, onions, spices and a sauce made from fish and/or oysters are mixed to obtain a delicious and smooth sauce. This dish is particularly found in Sichuan and surrounding areas.

 5. Lamb meat soup, types of Chinese food

Yáng ròu pào mó is a thick soup made from lamb meat. The dish is characterized by the use of pieces of bread dipped in the soup. It is very widespread in western China and especially in Shaanxi. It is a must for dinner especially during the winter and is so consistent that it can serve as a dish in its own right.

 6. Tomatoes with eggs

Fān qíe chǎo dàn is one of the favorite dishes of vegetarians from all over China. Types of Chinese food dish made from eggs (more or less omelet) and sautéed tomatoes. The originality of this dish is in its simplicity. It is indeed rare in China to make a dish that requires at most only 2 or 3 ingredients. In other regions, it can be used as a side dish on a noodle dish or in a broth.

 7. Chinese hamburger, types of Chinese food

” Ròu jiā mó ” is also known as ” Chinese hamburger “. Types of Chinese food dish frequently served in Shaanxi Province. Virtually offered at any time of the day in street restaurants, Rou Jia Mo is traditionally composed of meat (pork, lamb or chicken) and peppers or sautéed peppers. All are served in unleavened flatbread.

 8. Little baozi, types of Chinese food

Shēng jiān bāo is a culinary specialty of Shanghai reminiscent of dimsum. Usually served at breakfast with tea, “Sheng Jian bao” is a kind of bread (or Baozi) lightly grilled and stuffed with tasty and juicy meat.

 9. Chinese curry

Gā lí niú ròu is a kind of beef curry. It is largely inspired by Indian cuisine and is particularly popular in the south-west of the country.

 10. Authentic dish, types of Chinese food


Dì sān xxiān is a specialty of northeastern China. Types of Chinese food. It is the authentic dish par excellence because it is not only special for its taste but also for its appellation. “Di San Xian” means indeed, “the three fresh delicacies”. These terms refer to 3 foods including 1 from the tree, 1 from the water and 1 from the earth. It does not matter what ingredients are used, as long as the dish is composed of the 3 categories mentioned.

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