Squid sandwich with ajonesa

Ingredients for squid sandwich with ajonesa

  • 800 g of squid
  • Special flour for frying
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 rolls for sandwich
  • Salt to taste)
  • Lemon (optional)

How to make a squid sandwich .

For those who read us from afar, for those who are clueless and, in general, for those who do not know yet, we will tell you that fried calamari sandwich is one of the most typical things that one can eat in Madrid.

There are many bars that sell them, but not everyone knows how to do it in conditions. Regrettably.

The success of the sandwich Madrid squid is relatively recent, it began in the 60s but has not needed a long journey to become a clasicazo of the capital and specifically the downtown area.

Around the Plaza Mayor and not very distant streets are home to several of the most famous squid sandwiches in town. If you are in Madrid do not forget to try a good  potato salad , croquettes , the tripe , delicious soldiers pavia , traditional  anchovies in vinegar  or  omelette … they are part of the famous Madrid tapas.

The tapas are a perfect food for any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, lunch or dinner. It enters so well that you can eat at all hours and if accompanied by a cold beer and well thrown, then the taste is assured.

For a sandwich of squid to reach the category of sublime good raw material is needed, that is, a bread of baguette or bar quality, tender crumb and crunchy crust and fresh and quality calamari.

We can season the calamari with a splash of lemon, but my advice without a doubt, after tasting it at home, is to accompany them with a bit of ajonesa de Salsas Choví , a perfect duo that helps to reinforce and enhance the flavor of frying.

If you visit the city, we will tell you that you must try squid sandwiches in a trusted place. Although if you are far away, you can always prepare them at home by following our recipe and recommendations so that you can have a good time.

Squid cleaning

01. We started by cleaning the squid well. To do this, we separate the body from the tentacles that we reserve for another elaboration.

02. We love to use them in rice dishes. Also flour and fried in plenty of oil and eat them as a lid with a splash of lemon. Anyway, we’re not going to use them for sandwiches, so we keep them.

03. We wash the bodies and we turn them, leaving the interior on the outside and vice versa, as if it were a sock. So we can clean the inside of each of them well. We remove possible remains of dirt, dirt or viscera.

04. We drain the bodies well and cut them into rings of the thickness that you like the most. Keep in mind that they shrink a lot with frying, so it is not advisable that they are too thin. We cut them about 1 cm thick.

05. Let’s salt to taste. We reserve before frying.

Frying and presentation of calamari sandwich

01. Heat plenty of oil in a small deep frying pan, coat the rings in the special frying flour and fry them over a high heat. We do it in small batches so that the oil does not cool down and we get too fatty.

02. Remove the fried squid with a slotted spoon and place them inside the rolls that we will have prepared, previously cut lengthwise, without draining or anything similar.

03. One of the most wonderful things about this sandwich is the oil touch that takes the bread with fried calamari. So let’s not deprive ourselves of it.

04. And if we want to improve our sandwich, I advise you to give it more flavor with the soft touch of the ajonesa . To the taste of each one, but I advise you to spread the bread with a little and put the hot squids on top.

05. It only remains, to sink the tooth to “the one of ya” because this sandwich is not the same if it is eaten cold.

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