Six weird and wonderful food and drink combinations

In a world in which we’re no longer limited to eating fruits and vegetables that are currently in season, our culinary tastes are now limited only by our imagination.

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Breaking the flavour mould

Rhubarb and vanilla custard, chicken and redcurrant jelly, wine and cheese – these are all flavour combinations that we’ve come to know and love, but how about snails and porridge? It sounds unlikely, but it certainly helped to put Heston Blumenthal on the culinary map!

Of course, not every unlikely flavour combination is a success. Interviewed by The Independent, Niki Segnit, the author of The Flavour Thesaurus, cites the occasion when her husband found himself unable to eat her latest flavour experiment involving pears and nutmeg. Apparently, the results tasted more like parsnips than pudding, so the recipe won’t be finding its way into any of her books in the future.

Not everyone appreciates weird and wonderful food combinations, so cater for customers and clients with more pedestrian tastes by ensuring a ready supply of less contentious food and drink options. If space is at a premium, post mix juices are an efficient way of storing and serving popular beverages – take a look at the huge choice on offer in the Empire UK post mix juices collection for inspiration.

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Our top six choices

We’ve hunted far and wide for the weirdest and most wonderful flavour combinations in the world of food and drink. And so, without further ado, and in no particular order, we present them to you, as follows:

Cauliflower and chocolate

Hidden within Peekaboo chocolate ice cream, manufactured in the US, is a generous serving of cauliflower, for those who don’t manage to get enough vegetables in their daily diet.

Miso ice cream

If you love the savoury taste of Japanese miso so much that you want it in absolutely everything, the Yee Kwan name is something that you’ll definitely be adding to your shopping list

Sake Latte

Popular in Taiwan, sake and latte combine for a low-alcohol caffeine hit.

Tea and beef marrowbone

Popular in China, thanks to its health-giving properties, beef marrowbone and tea isn’t a flavour combination to set our world alight.

Pesto and cocoa

Created by Hotel Chocolat, this is an unlikely combination, but we’d be prepared to give it a try.

Chocolate and fish

No, just no!

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