Six reasons to have an annual boiler service

For many months of the year, we need to heat our homes, so having a fully operational boiler is important, especially with British weather meaning you can’t always predict when you’ll need to turn on the heating. Call-outs for boiler repairs can be expensive, so is it really worth having an engineer out to service the boiler?

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1. Reduce bills

An efficient boiler burns less fuel, so you could save money on your heating bills. A boiler service checks that everything is set correctly so you don’t burn fuel unnecessarily.

2. The silent killer

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that is difficult to detect as it is clear and has no scent. When your boiler isn’t working correctly, carbon monoxide becomes a risk, though a registered engineer can analyse the emissions in your flue and highlight issues.

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3. Prevention is better than a cure

A regular service can potentially catch a break down before it happens, saving you the expense of emergency call out charges, and also preventing a cold period at home. Have the engineer out on your terms with a regular service.

4. Check your warranty

A new boiler will come with a warranty, probably for as long as 10 years, which should mean a lengthy hassle-free period. Do check the small print though because you might invalidate that warranty if you skip the annual service.

5. Home insurance

Similarly, you might need evidence of a regular boiler service to validate your home insurance policy in the event of a claim that could be related to the boiler or heating system, so an annual service is very important.

6. No worries

Know your family is safe when your engineer has carried out a series of safety checks on your boiler and sleep easy!

Engineers like H P R Services can offer a boiler service Gloucester based residents can benefit from, and if the worst happens and your boiler does break down, they offer emergency call outs too.

Surewise talks through reasons to get a regular boiler service from an insurer’s perspective.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong! Repairs can end up being expensive and will be additional unexpected costs, whereas a service can be budgeted for. Find out when your next service is and book it in.

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