Silicone is all around us

Silicones are a family of substances that are incredibly diverse, high-performance materials. The family includes fluids, reactive silanes and silicone polymers that are used in a huge range of both industrial and consumer products used in our everyday lives. Silicones are found in all areas of our economy, including construction, manufacture, automobile, health, personal care, electronics, transportation and aerospace.

The reason silicones are so widely used is because they offer a multitude of benefits to the products, they are used in. Silicones offer great flexibility, resistance to moisture, heat, cold and even resistance to UV radiation. Silicones can come in many forms, including liquids, solids, oils, pastes, greases and rubber. For high-quality Silicone Hoses, visit Good flex Rubber.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

The reason for including silicones in personal care products is they are ideal for reducing white residue and stickiness in deodorants and antiperspirants. They also assist in products retaining their silky feel and colour, important for shampoos, conditioners and shower creams. They also provide good wetting and spreading qualities, making the application of personal care products and cosmetics easier, such as in sunscreens and lotions.

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Silicones are also found in products like keyboards, keypads and the rollers in photocopier machines. Due to the sturdy and resilient nature of silicones, they are used in the manufacture of home entertainment systems, mobile technology and in computer components. LED lighting would not exist were it not for silicones. Silicones have a high stability in hot conditions and are used in thermodynamic capacities inside electrical transmission processes.


Solar panels, which adorn many a rooftop in the UK also contain silicones. It helps to improve the durability, performance and efficiency of solar panels. Due to its thermodynamic stability, silicone can withstand strong sunlight for many years.


As a substance, silicone is able to withstand great stress and extremes of temperature, making it perfect for use in the aviation industry. Silicones are found in the strong adhesives and sealants used in areas such as doors, window seals, wings, fuel tanks, landing gear, wiring, black boxes and hydraulic switches.

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The use of silicones is prevalent in the construction industry, most dramatically in enabling the huge expanse of glass walls on skyscrapers, for example. In residential homes, you’ll find silicones in the sealants used around baths, showers and sinks to prevent damage from moisture.

Coatings and Paint

Paint enhanced with silicone is used to coat the exterior of things like homes, trains and bridges, giving them protection from ice and extreme cold to avoid cracking. Oil rigs and roads are also sometimes treated with silicone to reduce the likelihood of corrosion due to salt spray from the ocean, oil and acid rain.


Non-stick kitchenware, such as baking and cookware is treated with silicones making them simple to clean and they do not absorb flavours or smells. The great flexibility of silicone kitchenware means you can take it from the freezer to the oven and it won’t degrade or affect the taste and quality of food.


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