Shoes to wear with jeans for men and women

Must-have dressing, I produce a second skin effect of the most beautiful effect. Ultra-easy to wear, there are very few pieces and especially few shoes with which it does not marry perfectly. And yet the perfect combo can make all the difference between simply cool look and hyper-stylish look. Here are the list of shoes to wear with jeans. After watching the most beautiful street style looks, we have listed the most suitable shoes for skinny jeans!

Shoes to wear with jeans for women


In lazy mood? No problem, put on a pair of sneakers with your skinny jeans and you’ll be great no matter what! To me flat belly | Girl Scouts: Fashion, Trends and Inspiration.



Skinny jeans + flat sandals = combo adored by Kate Moss. From there, we have nothing to add: everything is said!



Perfect for a day of work or a shopping trip. Moccasins and derbies get married to perfection with a beautiful skinny and bring him illico. A little preppy and androgynous side hyper-trendy.



Whether you love them or hate them, it’s indisputable: ballerinas are back! And skinny jeans are clearly their best fashion ally. But exit the models too classic little rats of the opera. We put everything on a sophisticated pair with links around the ankle.

5 – HIGH HEELS FOR A FEMME FATALE LOOK, shoes to wear with jeans

Pumps or sandals with heels, whatever, associated with skinny jeans. This style of shoes will make you legs of gazelle, turning you illico femme fatale!



Chelsea boots, rangers, santiags whatever! To give your favorite skinny a little rock side, bet on a nice pair of boots at the ankle. That’s it.

Shoes to wear with jeans for men

Jeans are a bit of the man’s best ally: he wears himself as much at work with a shirt and a tie, as he is casual with a t-shirt or a polo shirt. But there is one point to remember when you put on one: what pair of shoes will you put on with? The choice is not banal, it will determine for many your style.


10 pairs shoes wear jeans

Depending on the moment, it’s up to you to adapt the right pair for the right occasion. If you wear shoes too dressed with a t-shirt or conversely a casual pair with a shirt-tie combo, the result will not be great. If you have a formal appointment, that the environment in which you evolve requires to be well dressed. That is for the pleasure, we will carry the pairs 3, 8, 9 and 10. If you are a model you can try the pairs on 1,2,4,5,6,7.

(1) The low sneakers, shoes to wear with jeans

The low sneakers are a bit of the shoe mat. They are quickly put to go to find his wand, to go out at the last moment to see friends or simply because we are inside. They will go as well with jeans a little wide (we do not talk about a parachute) that tight. More than put on a t-shirt whose colors are in harmony with jeans and shoes, and go.

(2) Loafers

With loafers, you go up a notch in comfort. No laces, no buttons, nothing to do. It’s a little slippers that we put to go to town. The style is casual, neither elegant nor neglected. I advise you to play with the colors on this type of shoes, the simple aspect of the shoe allows the originality of the tones (which would not allow a pair of derbies).

(3) Leather moccasins, shoes to wear with jeans

The leather loafers are part of the stylish shoes that give a dressy style. They are rather made to wear with low socks (see without socks), so book them for the summer. They often evoke the age wall and are rather towards the quarantine, but this affirmation can vary according to each one. Wear them with jeans with a tight or straight cut, but not wider. They will make your look rather laid-back and consensual: it’s a safe bet that will not give in originality.

(4) Boat shoes

Also known as “dad’s shoes”, these shoes often symbolize thirties or forties. The age where you want to dress well without being extravagant. The boat models were originally designed (as their name suggests) for navigation. Their creator, a stormy day on a boat, would have noticed that his dog was much better on his pasta than him. So he looked at how his pet was doing and saw that his pads had streaks. He replicated these patterns on shoes and thus created these patterns. The “real” boat shoes are therefore those with these streaks under the sole.

(5) The desert boots, shoes to wear with jeans

The desert boots are particularly fashionable in men for a few years. Depending on the model, they give a casual or slightly vintage look and are usually made of suede leather. It was in 1950 that they were popularized by the brand Clarks, now a classic in the field. They derive their name from the fact that they were often used at the time by soldiers, thanks to their simple design and robustness.

(6) The chealsea boots

Chealsea boots are shoes with a heel a little higher. They are the legacy of British pop culture of the 1960s (the Beatles almost always wore). The elastic on each side makes them particularly easy to put on and lift, and comfortable to wear.

(7) The dress boots, shoes to wear with jeans

The dress boots are a bit of the 4 × 4 of the shoe: no matter where you want, these shoes will take you there. They are sturdy and very comfortable. And contrary to what one might think, they can give a very particular style. Try them with jeans that you will drop into the dress boots, with a simple white t-shirt and why not a shirt unbuttoned over it. The result will be casual and masculine. Whether you opt for leather loafers, derbies, brogues or monkstraps, or chealsea boots, remember that they must be impeccably polished!

(8) Derbies

Derbies are very common in modern man, and that’s not bad news. Classes, they perfectly accompany a jeans for style worked but without doing too much. They can break the casual look of jeans by enhancing your look. These shoes are often marked by the fineness of their lines, they are slender and do not have raw curves. So never wear them with loose jeans: the combined effects of jeans and tight shoes will be a disaster. Prefer rather jeans a little tight.

(9) Brogues, shoes to wear with jeans

When we talk about brogues, it is because we are already addressing lovers of beautiful shoes. These models from Ireland low heel are composed of several pieces of leather more crude than the derbies and are embellished throughout the perforations (or broguing , hence the name). Initially, these shoes were made for exterior stains and not as elegant accessories, but they were accepted to become chic and elegant.

(10) Monk straps, shoes to wear with jeans

Monk straps are like brogues: it is the heavy artillery of dress shoes, but in more smooth. They are indeed less fine than the derbies and do not have the perforations of the brogues. The closure is done by a system of double loop (or sometimes with only one). They are very masculine in appearance without cutting corners of elegance. A Wall Street Journal article has even described them as the most elaborate shoes currently from a style point of view.

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