These SEO Tricks Will Net You a Quick Win

As elusive as a quick win in the world of SEO might sound, with a little work and maintenance of your site you can increase visibility and reap the benefits of rising up in the search ranks. Here we have some tricks and tips to get you started on the process.

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Site Loading

Users want instant loading – three seconds is too long, and beyond this they’re likely to move on to search for a more professional site. A good place to start is by optimising your images to ensure they are scaled appropriately before they are uploaded to your website. Check the speed of your site by utilising the page speed tool on Google developer.

XML Sitemaps

Effectively tell search engines what pages exist and where they can be found. By submitting page info to the search console via the Google webmasters’ tool, you assist efficient site crawling. From there it is up to you to ensure that the content of these pages is excellent and original. SEO Belfast experts recommend the quality over quantity rule.

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First Google crawls your site, and then it indexes your pages. There will be some pages you do not want Google to crawl, as they contain duplicate information, such as terms and conditions or contact info. Using the Google search console allows you to check the balance between primary and hidden content that will affect your search-ability.

Content Outreach

This is vital in spreading your news and getting the right people talking about your business. Ryco Marketing can help you with social media strategies, which are the path to bringing users to your site. Keeping them there is the trick! The longer a user is on your site the more you will be perceived by Google as having a site worth rewarding. Bring pages to life with engaging content and imagery – the more you have at the beginning of the site experience the better. An easy to use website with brilliant content will reduce bounce rates and move your site up the search engine rankings.

Finally, clean your backlinks! Good-quality links are essential for optimal search rankings. They act as indicators of great content and notch up your visibility in searches where users are hunting for specific information.

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