How search engines came into existence

Search Engines have been around for a long period of time and are a staple of the internet. They are the means by which we can search for particular keywords and are then matched with websites that contain these keywords. It is important when you have a website designed that you consult with a Gloucester Website Design company to ensure that you are including all of the items that are necessary in order for you to rank in the search engine listings.

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All of the search engines use complex algorithms to crawl the internet and index websites by looking through them in a methodical, analytical and more importantly automated way. These web pages are then ranked based on their relevance a the trust rating that they are given. Again this is something that you can get support on by having Gloucester website design through net9design.

Since the internet was first launched and the early forms of search engine appeared there have been many more appear online and they have become more and more sophisticated but the basic function of taking the information entered by the individual and crawling the internet to find websites that contain content that matches this and then reporting this in a ranked order in search engine report pages or SERPs remains the same. The aim for many companies is to appear on the first page of these results as many users won’t scroll past the first few pages, meaning that a business can be lost in the depths of the results.

In order to ensure that your website is ranking as high as it possibly can it is important to speak to your web designer about search engine optimisation (SEO). This encompasses building links to your website and also on page website work that includes title descriptions, keyword including and optimising the content that is written on there.

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There are many different search engines and these will vary depending on where you are in the world, but the most popular ones include Google, Bing and Yahoo. Each of these search engines will have their own algorithms that are being used and therefore their own requirements for elements of SEO that need to be included, although most of these will follow a common thread. Each time an update is made to the technology and inner workings of the search engine an update on their requirements will also be released.

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