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3 lamps that you can make with recycled materials

We will show you 3 designs of lamps with recycled materials that you will not be able to believe that they are so simple to make. They look like the most sophisticated in the market once they are ready and the investment you will make will be minimal (and even null). You will only need some disused materials, a little imagination.

Good lighting is very important in decoration but, above all, originality in the use of materials prevails. Which is why, nowadays, you can find thousands of lamp designs made of recycled materials in the market. With this idea in mind, we will create our own designs at home.

Regardless of the skill, you have with the crafts, if you follow our instructions, you will not have any difficulty. We assure you that you will achieve a good result. On the other hand, we encourage you to give your own magic touch to your creations for home.

With crystals and sequinsrecycled materials

This first idea of lamps made of recycled materials is modern and elegant at the same time. You can combine crystals of different shapes and sizes with large sequins.

The idea is that it is a bright lamp to achieve a youthful and cheerful atmosphere. You can put a dim yellow light bulb for a more romantic effect.

It should be noted that these lamps are beautiful in the bedrooms, but also work in common rooms. You just have to play with your imagination and get down to work:

  • materials
  • Crystals of shapes and sizes you want (174 units).
  • Circle of hard cardboard of 20 centimeters in diameter.
  • Large sequins (the amount you want).
  • Disused CD (7).
  • Silver painting
  • Nylon thread
  • Gun and silicone.
  • Lamp holder


  • First, you take the circle of cardboard and you make a hole in the middle of the size of your lamp holder.
  • Then you paint it silver and let it dry.
  • You take a CD and break it with your hands in rather large pieces. You repeat with the others.
  • Stick these pieces on the cardboard leaving the silver part in sight. Leave space between them, this will give you a mirrored mosaic look.
  • Now you will take the nylon thread and you will cut 20 strips. The first of 20 centimeters. and you are increasing 1 cm in each strip until you finish.
  • Take the shortest strip (20 centimeters) and 9 crystals. These crystals have a hole. Take one and go through the thread and fixed at the end of it with silicone so it does not move.
  • Then add the remaining 8 in the same way and leave them 1 centimeter of separation.
  • Take the 21-centimeter strip and place the crystals in the same way. Only this time you will increase one. There will be 10 crystals.
  • The same operation you repeat with the rest of the strips. Always adding one more crystal.
  • You can add sequins where you want. Always hold with silicone.
  • Once you have the strips ready you will stick them on the cardboard. Letting the crystals hang.
  • You will start with the shortest strip and then the one that follows it in height. So until finished.
  • You put your lamp holder and you’re done.
  • Lamps with sequins.

With glass bottlesrecycled materials

You will not be able to believe how simple it is to cut glass and make this beautiful design of lamps made of recycled materials. You can choose the bottles that you like the most in different colors, shapes, and sizes and place them randomly in a corner of the house or on a table.

Once you start doing them you will be encouraged to perform more and more, as they are extremely simple, inexpensive and fabulous. Nobody will believe you are lamps made of recycled materials.


  • Bucket with cold water (3 liters).
  • Glass bottles (4 or 5 ).
  • Lamp holder
  • Cut glass


First, you take the bottle and mark it with your short glass all the diameter in the height you want to cut.

With a torch, you give heat throughout the brand.

Quickly place the bottle in the bucket with 3 liters of ice water.

You give a firm blows with the pizza the bottom part of the bottle and you will see how it divides.

Sand the edges very well.

Finally, you put the lamp.

Do you want to know more?

Strong reasons not to reuse plastic bottles

With soft drink ringsrecycled materials

You can make beautiful lamps made of recycled materials with cans of soda cans. They are extremely modern and eye-catching. No one will notice or believe you did them at home.  Did you know that similar models pay a lot of money in lighting houses?


  • An old lamp whose metal support.
  • Refill rings (The amount depends on the size of your lamp, but calculates about 50).
  • Instructions
  • You take the old lamp and, with care, remove the screen. Leave only the metal base because this is the element with which you will work.
  • You will fold all the rings in half for the longest part of them.

At the larger rounded end, it makes a cut. You will use that cut to hook them all over the metal structure. Keep reading

Then you hook a lower ring in two upper ones. Continue like this until you reach the height of your liking. Keep in mind that, the best part of working with recycled materials is that you will help take care of the planet.


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