Why Rats get a bad wrap.

The Black rat, or Rattus Rattus, to give it its posh name is given a very hard time by humans.  It has a long tail and falls under the “least concerned” animals in terms of conservation. There are alot of them even if you can’t see them. Generally considered an annoyance they are kept as pets and considered  sacred in India.

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It’s not actually black. You can get brown ones and even some with a hint of green (this does not mean that they are radioactive!). Country to popular belief they don’t always like Blocked Drains Essex or anywhere else. If you have that issue, don’t worry https://www.3flowdrainage.co.uk/drainage-services/blocked-drains-essex have got it covered for you. The rat won’t be there. They would much rather be frolicing in the forest and using old logs as  a nest. This does sound like a nicer alternative.

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They are hated because “they caused the plague”. This is not totally true. Rats can carry a lot of bacteria in their blood without affecting them personally or as a group. The ticks and fleas that bite them then pass this onto humans when they jump on to them. However new research has shown that considering the amount of fleas and nits that humans carried on themselves back then the bubonic plague owes much to it’s transmission to humans extremely poor public and personal health at the time. So, not all the rats’ fault after all then. If they’d all had a wash there might not have been such an issue…

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