Does Publishing Thousands of URLs at Once Damage Your Rankings?

Search engines are always on the lookout for nefarious practices by site owners who might be trying to skew the results in their favour.

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There are good and bad techniques when it comes to SEO, and Google, like most of the other search engines, is on a constant mission to weed out the bad, promoting the best sites to visitors in line with their search queries.

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Billions of Search Terms to Process

According to Internet Live Stats, Google alone responds to more than three and a half billion searches every single day, processing more that 40,000 searches each second. Not surprisingly, the organisation is constantly updating its algorithms in an attempt to stamp out nefarious practices.

It’s impossible for a business owner to keep up to date with the constantly moving goalposts involved in search engine algorithms, which is why it makes good business sense to employ professionals. For example, Elevate UK provide professional SEO services in London and throughout the UK, ensuring that websites are designed, created and marketed according to current best practices so owners will avoid being penalised for avoidable errors.

But whether or not you choose to employ professional SEO services in London, you can still find yourself in the position of publishing a vast number of web pages in a single day. Will that affect your rankings? Could you, perhaps, even be penalised for doing so?

Google and Anomalies

Google’s web crawlers are constantly on the lookout for anything suspicious, which could indicate that some black hat SEO techniques are being used to skew search results in a website’s favour. And although publishing thousands of pages in a single day might be perfectly innocent – you may have introduced hundreds of new products, for example, or have taken over another company, thereby increasing your range of products or services – anything out of the ordinary will cause the bots to stop and consider what might be going on.

As a general rule, so long as pages are valid, of relevance to the visitor and free of spammy links, thousands of new URLs in one day shouldn’t cause a problem. But it’s always better to play it safe, so if you need to publish so many pages, it’s probably a better option to release a few at a time.

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