Picking out patterns for the Easter parade.

As the Spring months start to make their presence felt and the days lengthen, yes it’s time to put the clocks forward again so that’s an hour of sleep down the drain, the annual holiday of Easter starts to loom in the mind. It probably feels like you’ve barely got past Christmas, but time and tide waits for no one and it’s time to start thinking about what you can wear for the coming Easter period. Easter is a strange time of year as the flowers begin to come back to life, it can feel like a time of looking forward, it’s now that the year can really truly start. What better way than to design a new look for the period by using some Dressmaking Fabrics to make up some outfits and maybe a new Easter bonnet to show off with. If you need dressmaking fabrics go to quality fabrics today.

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The Easter parade is quite the spectacle it’s a chance for everyone to throw off the winter blues and start to put some colour back into our lives. Although it might still be a good idea to look at layering, there is more chance of a white Easter than there is a white Christmas would you believe, it’s generally a time to embrace the gingham pattern and start cutting a shaping out some for you and the kids. The Gingham style is a timeless classic that has had something of a resurgence what with the altar devoted to it in the Great British bake off but that’s not all. It is also fast becoming the go to Spring/summer uniform for school children as well.

Floral patterns are also very popular around this time of year. That’s sort of to be expected though as the snowdrops and aconites give way to the carpet of bluebells, Daffodils and even the early tulips. What though of the bonnet? Well, this has been made a lot easier by the selling of cheap ones in Hobbycraft and the like. The idea is to basically make the hats look as Easter themed as you can. This means bunnies, eggs, Spring flowers, chocolates, flower garlands virtually anything you can think of. Make sure you stick with the pastels, they really are the colour scheme of the time of year.

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The are generally lots of competitions that you can enter with your ideas, the grander the design the better chance you have of winning. Why not chuck on a few Hot cross buns as well for good measure.

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