What does the office of the future look like?

The days of working in a traditional office space are long gone, with companies now taking much more care to provide well-designed and modern working environments for their staff.

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Modern office working

Many different types of working have been tried over the years, from small individual booths with screens to separate the workers and restrict interaction to open-plan office spaces that encourage colleague communication. Today’s modern office working style includes flexible working, co-working, areas for colleagues to meet and discuss work with each other, and quiet spaces for work that requires them.

Millennials entering the workplace are much more confident in demanding flexible working than previous generations and are asking for this and many other benefits when accepting a job offer.

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Office design

The term ‘cellularisation’ is often used to describe different areas within an office space that can be designed to suit individual needs. Workforces are made up of many different people who work in different ways, with office fit out companies keen to ensure all types of working are accommodated and everyone’s needs are met.

One thing that businesses are keen to encourage in the modern office is a sense of teamwork, which has been proven to increase productivity. One of the benefits of the modern world is the ability for workers to be able to easily work remotely; however, the downside of this is the feeling of isolation. Anything that promotes teamwork is therefore very important.

Office environment

Specialist office fit out companies are experts in designing modern working areas. Everything from the colours on the walls and the height of the ceilings to the lighting, air control and heating are carefully planned to ensure workers have the best possible workplace. Even simple changes such as removing reception desks and barriers and replacing them with facial recognition technology can improve the way employees feel about their office and what it is like to work there.

One trend that is currently proving very popular is for an industrial look. This trend exposes brickwork and pipework and is found to make workers feel more relaxed. Another modern addition to the office space is to use previously unused areas, such as the basement, and to utilise outside areas to provide workers with alternative spaces and access to natural light.


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