Why a Move to the Country will Benefit your Health and Lifestyle

Moving to the countryside is great – whether you are moving to an old country cottage, building your own like these Solihull self build homes from Ifurb or renovating a farmhouse or barn, there is so much that the countryside has to offer. Here are just a few of the things that you will enjoy when you leave the big city behind…

Lower Stress Levels – It is a known fact that the slower pace of life in the countryside means that problems like stress and anxiety can be significantly helped by rural living. You just don’t feel the pressure the same way that you do living in the city.

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Local Produce – One of the great things about living inn the country is the opportunity to enjoy local produce straight from the farm. There are plenty of farm shops and some farms sell things like eggs and fruit directly from their own gate.

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Better Air Quality – The cleaner country air is a huge factor in why people choose to move away from the city – especially for people who suffer with conditions such as asthma and COPD, the air in the countryside can be a huge help.

Lower Crime Rate – Crime in rural areas is a lot lower than in the city, so if you want to enjoy a worry-free walk, then the country is much less risky in terms of crime.

Fantastic Walks – Well this has to be one of the obvious ones – with the glorious British countryside right on your doorstep you will get to enjoy it every day!

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