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How to decorate the ceiling in a modern way

In recent years, a trend has become so popular that it has gained ground and, apparently, it is here to stay. It is about modern roofs, a part of the interiors that previously went unnoticed. If you want to know more about how to decorate the ceiling in a modern way, do not miss our advice.

Commonly, the emphasis when decorating a room was placed on the walls, the openings, the furniture and even the floor. Few paid attention to the upper part of the spaces.

It can be said that, in the present, that changed. Now, decorating the ceiling in a modern way is a priority for many people; it is also for decoration professionals.

Maybe the idea is strange or unnecessary, but the truth is that these ceilings bring a real touch of distinction to the rooms. To learn more about it, we present some ways to leave the roof totally showy.

6 ways to decorate the ceiling in a modern way

Gone are the flat roofs, uniform and without style. Currently, interior decorators make extensive use of elements such as embedded LED luminaires and shapes and reliefs in the false ceiling. These are some novel designs that you can consider if you plan to build or remodel your home.

Decorative aluminum panelsmodern way

They are aluminum panels with customizable shape and size. The designs are made with micro perforations and include different motifs: circles, rectangle or complex figures, for example.

These designs have the particularity of drawing a lot of attention; Definitely, they are a very important contribution to a decoration. In fact, they can be continued on the wall to enhance their features; In addition, there is the possibility of placing background lights to use them as lighting. If you complement it well with the other elements of the room, you will get a luxury room.

Variations of the bulbsmodern way

Commonly seen in the kitchens, the portholes – the round lights that are embedded in walls and ceilings – also offer their alternatives to combine. For example, they can be placed in a room and use LED strips or colored spotlights to fuse with white light. This effect can be very beneficial for your furniture and walls.

On the other hand, the LED lights can also be placed in the slots of the curtain rods or in the different spaces in the false ceiling. If you have a ceiling with shapes and reliefs, this option is great; Its main advantage is that you make the most of each space.

Lastly, a more sophisticated option and something more expensive. Many dare to place the LED luminaires above the false ceiling; in this way, the light diffuses and does not have a specific focus from which it comes.

The effect achieved is very beautiful and illumination is achieved partner; however, you will need more powerful luminaires and, in general, these designs are somewhat expensive.

Modern ceilingmodern way

Like minimalist houses, ceilings also use geometric shapes to stand out. Therefore, you can choose a modern style that combines squares and rectangles – they can be of different shades – to give a unique look to your ceiling.

Once you have chosen the shapes, you can use reliefs and different colors to further enhance the design you choose. Also, the use of panels to decorate can provide you with great solutions.

 Diagonal flat ceilingmodern way

Contrary to the feeling of untidiness that the previous design can give, you can also use the order to embellish a space. Combining diagonal lines of two different shades will achieve a very advantageous symmetry for the appearance of a room. The lighting will be key for the image to fit perfectly.

Wood satin ceilingmodern way

Did you know that there are ceilings that resemble the shape of wooden pallets? If you never saw them, do not prejudge their beauty; It is an excellent industrial decoration, which allows the wiring of the lights to be hidden without problems.

Again, other aspects of the room to be decorated come into play here. For example, furniture, openings and even curtains.

Wavy satinmodern way

The last option is, perhaps, one of the most innovative. It is not so much a decoration, but rather a design for ceilings.

False corrugated roofs are available in the market today. This effect can occur in the entire roof or only in some protruding plates.

They are used mostly in conference rooms or restaurants with large spaces. However, lately, designs have been created for very beautiful homes. The requirement imposed is the space: they are not advisable for small rooms since their effect is more noticeable when it is extended.

As you will see, the options are; decorating the ceiling in a modern way is perfectly possible thanks to the wide variety of offers on the market. You just have to decide what kind of interior you want for your house and that’s it, you can start choosing your ceiling.


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