Low-cost side gigs to start as a hobby

Thinking of branching out on your own? Here are ten cheap startup businesses that allow part-time work.

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1. Sales consultant

If you’d like to endorse a product you believe in, registering with a home sales firm such as Avon is cheap. Put effort into building your customer base, and you will see profits rise.

2. Homemade gourmet foods

If you love making foods like jam, spreads and soups, consider working from your home kitchen and selling online. You will need food supplies, packaging and marketing materials.

3. Babysitting

This could be a side business if you like children. Look for night and weekend work in your community.

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4. Cleaning services

Cleaners are always in demand. Whether you target domestic houses or companies, you will need supplies and advertisements about your service.

5. Virtual assistant

Many small businesses need someone to organise staff, check emails and run social media accounts. Your initial costs will include a computer with an Internet connection to keep in touch with your clients.

You might think about starting an IT business that translates PDF to Excel. For advice on how to convert PDF to Excel, consult pdftables.com.

For those starting up a business, the government offers advice here: https://www.businesssupport.gov.uk/?utm_campaign=business_support_2020&utm_medium=search&utm_source=google&utm_content=search-google-homepage-180220.

6. Consultant

Become a paid consultant by cashing in on knowledge of your former industry. Use the contacts you made while in employment.

7. Pet sitting and walking

People who work during the day are willing to pay people to walk their pets. If you love animals and the outdoors, this could be for you. Start-up costs include advertising materials and a car to reach clients. You may also think about pet grooming as a sideline.

8. Delivery service

You could be a courier if you like travelling to different destinations. It’s necessary to market your services to businesses.

9. Calligrapher

If you possess classic penmanship skills, think about a business addressing envelopes such as wedding invitations. For this startup idea, you’ll need samples and a business card.

10. Elder caregiver

Given the aging population, this service fills an important need. Market yourself to senior citizens who are not ready for assisted living, but who would benefit from assistance with daily activities such as light housework. Marketing materials and a car are required.

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