What is local SEO, tips to improve it this 2019

The local SEO is a set of techniques that are aimed at improving the positioning of a business in the area where it is located. That is to attract customers close to the area where your business is located. It is very important therefore, when carrying out a local SEO strategy to take into account a series of rules and advice that will make all your efforts more effective.

The importance of the NAP

The importance of the Name, Address and Telephone, that is to say to have a common name for all the social networks, web, for example eHidra, not eHidra consultoria  (in case it was that way), a telephone number to contact , that is also the same, and an address of your company, and most importantly, make this data visible on your website, social networks, profiles …

To optimize the NAP, for example within your web page, we should include the name address and telephone number not only on the contact page, but it would be a good idea to place it in the footer, so that it would be visible, and indexed by Google in all and each of the pages of your website.

Place the name of your city on your website 

It is important to also place visible your web the name of the city where the physical headquarters of your company is located. So that in the face of searches when someone searches for “agency marketing córdoba” Google among your keywords identify marketing agency and the location of it.

Embed the map of Google Maps with your address

To indicate your location, do not do it with independent map shortcodes embed the map of Google Maps, so when you search your location on Google, not only complete address but city, as we have seen above, you will have more possibility of Google shows your page and not another competitor in your area.

Optimize your business listing in Google My Business

Not only for data, images, but also for comments and ratings from your customers. In this way you will generate a plus of confidence in those who seek you, find and visit your profile.

eHidra, specialists in the improvement of seo local positioning 

In eHidra we work with many companies in the field of local seo positioning  , companies that because of their location or work environment they are interested in having their clients find them in a certain geographic range, their location or up to a radius of 30 40 km from their location .

In addition, in matters of local SEO positioning, we work on correcting errors in the profile of the company in Google My Business, where information is often erroneous and geolocates the company in another direction, which can cause confusion for the company. customers who want to go directly to the company.

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