Some intriguing sculptures in Gloucester

When wandering around the Gloucester area you may be lucky enough to stumble across some of the beautiful sculptures and other pieces of public art that can be found. Many of these can be seen during a walk around the town centre and why not pop into a Estate Agents Gloucester to see what properties they have to offer in the Gloucester area.

Here are some of the ones that you may want to look out for:

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Bishop Hooper’s Monument, located in the St Mary’s Square area of the town this monument was built between 1861 and 1863. It is situated on the site where the Bishop was burnt at the stake in 1555 for his Protestant beliefs. Hooper was Bishop of Gloucester for the years 1551 up until his death.

Robert Raikes, located in Gloucester Park. Raikes was one of the those sixteenth century special people that combined the religious aspect of the time with the ability to do good in the community. Raikes wanted to give something back to society and he did this by creating the Sunday School Movement. It was a brilliant way for poor working children to learn how to read, especially as they spent most of their time working in mills and heavy industry throughout the Monday to Saturday week. Raikes was so set on the idea that he bought a newspaper to promote it.

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Emperor Nerva, Southgate Street. It’s not the original, that’s in Italy, obviously, but the city should have one up to him as he is basically the reason why the city exists in the first place. Underneath the statue sits a time capsule that was added so that it could help give people in the future a snapshot of what life was like in 2002. This seems a little strange as the only way that anyone is going to find it is if the plinth of the statue is damaged at some point. The city was created by Nerva so that Legionaries had somewhere to retire to when their tour of duty had come to an end and they couldn’t  be bothered to go home to Italia. Nerva was very keen to be nice to the army as they were not overly keen on the new Emperor. The problem was that due to some poor financial decisions the Empire couldn’t pay them. He was forced to name an heir and he chose Trajan who went on to be very good at war so much they made a column to him.

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