Incredible facts about one of our oldest trees

The oak is officially the preferred tree of the country, but how much do you know about it?

It is a sign of resilience, having stood all over the land for thousands of years.  There is not a single species, but about 600 separate oak tree species. There are two native trees in the UK, the English Oak and the Sessile, which look similar. As it produces acorns that hang from a stalk, the English Oak is often called the pedunculate oak, while the Sessile acorns have no stalk.

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Oak trees are much more likely than any other trees to be hit by lightning. For the Druids of ancient Britain who felt that inspiration, known as ‘arwen,’ came from lightning, this may explain their tremendous significance. I

Oak is an incredible wood to build with and you can find an Oak Framed Garage from companies like that beautifully demonstrate how wonderful this wood is.

Some of the most historically significant texts were written using ink, known as gall, from the oak tree. The Magna Carta, Mozart’s sheet music and the ideas of Isaac Newton are documents written in this ink. Gall, before the 1800s, was the key ink used between the end of the Roman Empire.

It was long believed that an entire host of medical conditions, including inflammation, kidney stones and even diarrhoea, could be cured using the acorns, bark and leaves of the oak.

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It is the resilience of the oak, used as part of the ancient monument called Seahenge of the Bronze Age that allows this incredible sight to still be seen. A circle of stumps surrounding an oak altar includes this monument and was found on the north Norfolk coast in mud flats. The place was used for funerals, and burial ceremonies where they honoured the dead.

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