Ideas to customize the school uniform

The return to class not only has the academic side, nowadays many other things are combined since it is the opportunity for the boys and the girls to look good when dressing and combine their personality with style. Each young person has his own musical interests, habits and tastes. How can this be reflected in the school uniform, considering that the mere fact of being “uniform” imposes a common dress? Is it possible to think of using it as a vehicle of personal expression? From Camacho we answer all these questions and we bring you good ideas on how to customize those different “looks”.

Although the way of dressing does not say everything about the person in front of us, it is a great reference when it comes to describing it, it is a letter of presentation of our internal world in front of the society that surrounds us. That’s why we can consider clothes as a great language that helps us decipher someone. Students take advantage of their clothing even sometimes transgress the rule considering that those who try to differentiate must deal with the limitations of the uniform for example that the shoes are one color, not slippers, that the laces are a single color, that the neck is in a certain way with respect to the jacket, that the haircut is in relation to the neck of the shirt. These are norms that have become more flexible over time because the authorities have not been able to contain the students’ expression needs. But even so in strict schools, students can reflect their identity in backpacks and shoes, or in the accessories they occupy. There are always alternatives. If you are a fashionista, pay attention to the tricks it brings you Camacho¬†¬† to customize the uniform.

# 1 Jewelry and accessories for hair

An easy way to personalize the uniform is using jewelry: from pearl earrings and earrings to fine necklaces and bracelets that are allowed to create a uniform according to personal style. Leather bracelets give a more bohemian look, while certain pieces of jewelry can give a chic look. It would be convenient to avoid bright and shrill that give a less elegant touch but some simple pieces can be ideal to characterize the uniform to the personality type of each student. The hair accessories with bows of different colors, headbands or bandanas that take a lot this season or rubber bands of different colors or sizes are another idea to customize the uniform that Camacho offers us .

# 2 Shoes

You can customize the uniform and style by using different kinds of shoes such as Oxford, loafers, dancers, booties, or even shoes are admitted in most schools.

# 3 Accessories

From the sock that can be long, short or wrinkled to scarves or beautiful scarves according to the colors of the uniform. If you wear pants you can tie your belt in different ways. Depending on the style of clothing, it is better to think about the length of the skirt, if you have long legs, above the knee, with medium height, a little above the knee or use the widest or narrowest pants. It is the restrictions of each school that mark how far you can go in personal tastes.

# 4 Beauty

In the case of girls a good way to create style is to paint the nails in transparent or light white color giving it some brightness, also use a bit of mascara, gloss or some rouge. The boys with something of toupee, a little gel or a streak next to the marked one. Many prefer the “beatle” style that is fashionable nowadays.

# 5 Backpacks and coats

Where there is a very complete world of creativity is in backpacks, bags for gymnastics for food etc. From surfers, computer games, with floral designs, with pins, different materials such as leather etc. As for reefers now they take tight to the body or vintage style as sea lions,  coats loden coats with gold buttons, jackets and blazers etc. Always respecting the corporate colors of the center that will make a perfect and elegant look to personalize the style in many teenagers.

But despite its restrictions, the school uniform has many advantages because students worry less about what to wear every day and does not spoil street clothes. At the social level, it has the advantage of standardizing the clothing, so that there is no discrimination for the value of the clothes that each one uses. It also offers the opportunity to play from a neutral. All start from a common point, there are no advantages between one and another, the uniform is the same for everyone and therefore if you want to differentiate you will have to do it with creativity and ingenuity as we have exposed in this post, which in the end is more democratic.

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