How to get rid of acne scars best solution

Acne is a problem that affects many people and not only young people. Because it is also caused by poor or inadequate food or hormonal problems, among other factors. And one of its main consequences is that how to get rid of acne scars, especially when there have been important outbreaks or the granite’s have not been well taken care of. In general, these scars are corrected with different products and treatments in the case of minor ones. However, what can be done when they are deeper? There’s a solution? We explain how to eliminate deep acne scars with different methods and techniques.

How to get rid of acne scars


Dermabrasion is usually applied using a diamond instrument depending on the machine and the center. which is passed through the skin to wear away its surface. You will knew how to get rid of acne scars. In this way, it is created in the dermis as a kind of layer of scales, which are falling to make way for new skin that is already smooth. This method, although effective, has the disadvantage that it takes a person to recover.


Microdermabrasion is a system similar to that of dermabrasion. By Microdermabrasion you can know how to get rid of acne scars. Although it is less aggressive than this and the chemical peel because it does not act as deep in the dermis. However, it does eliminate acne scars. Because it continues to act to regenerate the skin and, consequently, make the marks disappear. Among its advantages is that the recovery time is less than that of dermabrasion. Although several sessions are usually necessary, which usually take place every 15 days or so.

Laser: different types to treat deep acne scars

The laser is one of the most effective systems to eliminate deep acne scars . In addition, there are different types of treatments that use it depending on the needs of each person and the type of scars that must be eliminated:

Facial rejuvenation

This procedure is one of the most used in laser treatments. It is a technique that consists of removing the layer of the upper skin where the marks are. With this system, it is also possible to reaffirm the middle layer of the dermis so that the skin appears smoother and firmer. Among the points maybe negative, is that you need to apply local anesthesia and skin takes time to be well and recovered until about ten days.

Fractional laser

This system is the one that is most used when it is necessary to act on deeper layers of the skin. That intervene with other treatments such as dermabrasion or laser rejuvenation. In addition, in a week you can see the results, which improve as time passes.

CO2 fractional laser

This type of fractional laser is more recent than the classic one. Its main characteristic is that, in addition to its regenerative power. It also stimulates collagen, making the skin firmer and smoother. This laser, which produces heat, is more aggressive than others so, normally, some anesthetic cream is applied on the area to be treated. In addition, sometimes, it is recommended to do more than one session, which must be spaced out in time.

Fractionated picosecond laser

This laser is characterized by emitting energy at two different wavelengths through very short pulses. Hence, its picosecond name. In this way, the skin absorbs the energy to fragment the old collagen and the fibrosis of the scar while generating new collagen in the treated area. Normally, four to six sessions are needed.

Other techniques to eliminate deep acne scars

In addition to the treatments we have discussed in the different sections. Above and which are the most common and used, there are other techniques with which you can also eliminate deep acne scars :


This system consists of opening the pores of the skin and applying regenerative actives, so that the appearance of the marks is softened. Actually, it is possible to disguise the deep scars produced by acne. Although they do not completely disappear with this technique.

Facial filling

This technique is another of the most used, how to get rid of acne scars. In this case, what is done is to inject into the area, usually hyaluronic acid , to fill the scar, so that the skin is uniform and smoother. The results last between eight months and a year approximately, having to carry out another session again so that the marks are not noticed.


This method is based on surgically cutting the scar so that the skin. The skin is regenerated and restored, leaving the area reduced and making the entire dermis at the same level. In this way a new healing is facilitated that will give better results.


This technique is just the opposite of subcision, since what is done is to bind the scars through stitches. Its another technique of how to get rid of acne scars. Thus, the skin is also smoother and without trace of the deep marks that acne has left. They are different methods that we explain to you on how to eliminate deep acne scars. We always recommend that you consult with professionals to show you the most suitable treatments for your skin. Which you can achieve better results.t lost trying to follow its meandering, splitting logic — try editing this sentence to remove the red.

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