How to Accessorise Your Radiators

Radiators are an essential piece of any property, but they are not usually the most stylish addition to a room and often take up space where you would rather have a piece of furniture.

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Old and tired-looking radiators can really let down the overall appearance of a room. However, the good news is that there are solutions available for all budgets.

Whilst paying attention to your heating, you may also want to consider how to heat your home efficiently. The Energy Saving Trust has details on the various options, including smart heating.

Column Radiators

Firstly, depending on your property’s age and your interior design, you may want to consider making a feature of your radiators by choosing a column design.

If you are wondering what do column radiators look like, then cast your mind back to your school days. If your school building was old, then it is likely to have had column radiators.

A column radiator would look great in a period property and a newer property that has taken inspiration from period properties.

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Radiator Covers

If you do not have the budget or desire to replace your radiators, then you could choose to cover them up instead.

Radiator covers can be an ideal solution to a number of problems. They can improve the appearance of an entire room while also protecting against burns. The right radiator cover can also become a focal point or feature of a room. An added bonus is that a radiator cover will give you another surface for storing or displaying items.

Radiator covers typically have latticework at the front, which enables the heating to circulate around the room. The design of the latticework will vary from model to model, so it is worth shopping around to ensure you get a style you are happy with.

If you want to paint your radiator cover to match a room’s interior design, then an MDF radiator cover would be the best option. Alternatively, many radiators will come ready-painted in white, which will suit most rooms.

If you are unsure of the exact size requirements, there are adjustable radiator covers available which will solve this problem.

Lastly, if you are looking for a focal point and have a larger budget, then there are also made-to-measure designer radiator covers available.


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