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This is how STEM works with LEGO Education

Students learn best when they can interact directly with resources and experience things first-hand. This is one of the ideas on which LEGO Education is based to design solutions that promote the learning of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) thanks to which the students develop skills of the 21st century.

STEM learning with LEGO Education

Thus, and thanks to the STEM learning process, they have the possibility of developing thinking, reasoning, teamwork, research and creativity skills that they will use during their lives, while acquiring the knowledge related to the curriculum of the different subjects.

The STEM learning process is based on practice and open exploration and that, added to the experience that is acquired from the trial and error, substitutes passive and rote learning in such a way that the same concept is offered in different contexts, allowing students to create connections between different subjects.

Multiple skills  lego lesson plans

The different learning experiences through LEGO Education bricks and activities linked to the curriculum that guide students to:

 Design and modify

Providing them with open problems is a way of encouraging them to take risks. Thus, instead of entrusting them with a specific task that entails a concrete response, these resources encourage them to design, test and modify their constructions and continue working to find the best solution.

Try and try again

It shows the students that it is okay to try something and then change the procedure if the first time it did not work or you can find a better solution. Reformulating the fault is part of the learning process.

 Facilitate and let arrive at the solution  lego lesson plans

When the teacher does something and asks the students to repeat the action, they are not teaching anything other than repetition. Instead, the faculty must provide the tools they need to solve the problem in such a way that the students go through a trial and error process to arrive at the solution

 Explain the process beyond the solution

Encourage them to talk about how they came to the solution, not just about the end result, so that they are able to explain what they have learned throughout the process. By understanding each step as an opportunity to learn, the pressure to reach a final and correct response is eliminated and they are more likely to take smart risks in the future.

Take time to reflect

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects after a failure, you have to make sure that each student spends time reflecting when things do not go according to plan. When young people manage to see failures as opportunities to learn, they lose the fear of taking risks to achieve success.

For all educational stages lego lesson plans

LEGO Education also knows the importance of helping students develop the skills necessary for their growth, as well as the value they need when innovating.

Therefore, it offers solutions for the Infant, Primary and Secondary classrooms: from LEGO Education resources with curricular activities, to professional development for teachers through continuing education programs with the aim of helping teachers to train successful students .

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