How is Electroless Nickel Plating Used

There are many methods and types of electroplating but none are as varied as the ways in which electroless nickel plating, such as that from Poeton is performed. Nickel is one of the most precious metals that can be used for plating purposes. Many different applications of nickel have been developed over the years because it has proven to be a very durable metal that can withstand high temperatures. The most commonly used nickel is in the creation of nickel metal. Other uses include in the electronics industry and the plating of watches.

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Electrolysis has long been used in the electroplating of nickel as this is the most basic of the three main ways in which nickel is plated. The basic way in which electroplating is done is by dipping the metal into a solution containing the nickel. The solution is continuously heated which allows the metal to become coated. Another method is called buffing and this is where a buff usually includes the addition of an oxidizer which gives the nickel an extra layer of protection.

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Nickel plating is often seen on watches and dentistry equipment. A popular application is the electroless nickel dentistry tool which is a tool which is used to remove dental plaque. Electroless nickel plating is also used in the electronics industry where it is used to protect expensive items. It is very hard to tell how much nickel coating is actually present as it is quite natural in appearance.

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