German Lunch Recipe step by step

Enjoy this recipe of German cold cuts step by step on any occasion because it is very easy and quick to make. It is a German cold cuts decorated with hard boiled eggs and tomatoes, very rich and tasty, which can serve both as an appetizer and as a starter in your meals. In addition, the preparation of this German cold cuts can not be simpler: put layers of pancakes (pancakes or crepes) spread in mayonnaise with the rest of the ingredients . Check the instructions that we show you in Free Recipes and discover the recipe now.

Additional features: Cheap cost, No cooking, Traditional recipe from Germany


  •  12 pancakes
  •  2 tomatoes
  •  2 hard boiled eggs
  •  200 grams of cheese in fetas
  •  100 grams of cooked ham
  •  100 grams of sausage in fetas
  •  Mayonnaise
  •  cream cheese

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


Prepare all the ingredients before starting the assembly of each layer of the German cold cuts step by step.

Instead of buying them, you can make this recipe for homemade cannelloni pancakes .


At the first pancake spread generously with the cream cheese and place the cut lettuce and tomato.


Go layering the pancakes and spread with mayonnaise and the next with cream cheese and so on.

If you prefer you can prepare the homemade mayonnaise recipe yourself at home instead of buying it already made.


In the other layers place the other cold cuts and finally spread with mayonnaise and decorate with the hard boiled egg and tomatoes. You can have a look at this article on perfect boiled eggs if you want more details on how to prepare them.

And enjoy the German cold cuts !

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