Fun things to do with Skips.

What are skips good for other than putting a load of rubbish in? Well, not much actually and if you want to look at getting one for that then looking for a Swansea skip hire company would be a great place to start. If you’re not after a Skip for rubbish disposable there are a few things that people have used them for. We really, really wouldn’t recommend that you do any of this though and just use them for the intended purpose of rubbish collection.

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  1. A swimming pool. It’s a long hot summer and you can’t be bothered to go and get a paddling pool. Why not buy some waterproof pond liners and put them into the skip (you should really clean it out first). Pour in an enormous amount of water and you’ve got a nice little waist deep pool. No diving at any time!
  2. A Garden or massive pot. You do get a lot of soil in a skip to chuck away but why do that? Why not leave the soil, paint the skip a jaunty colour and then grow some flowers and trees in it.
  3. A skate park. Alright, it won’t be a very big skate park and you’ll have to be careful about going over the sides or banging your head on the edges (always wear a helmet!) but you can make a decent halfpipe in it with some decent board and clips to connect it. A Skip is designed to be stable after all so you rolling about on board shouldn’t cause any issues (do not bet on it!)
  4. Convert it into a man shed. Not such a crazy idea and less dangerous than the ones above (with the exception of the garden idea). You could easily attach some poles and a canvas roof then flop the front hatch, if it has one down. An extension lead from the house and few tables and chairs and you are truly sorted.

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  1. Turn it into a fish pond. It’s the same principal as the pool except Koi Carp goes in it not you.
  2. Make it into a tank/halftrack. Whilst it sounds like something out of Scrapheap Challenge you could add an engine and suitable exhaust system. Connect this (somehow) to a set of caterpillar tracks and you could be cutting and impressive sight around the local area.

Seriously, don’t do any of these things. Ever.

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