Who is Former Club Dance Student Kalani Hilliker

Kalani Hilliker first starred on Lifetimes Dance Moms in 2014 and has since risen to stardom. She first appeared on Abbey’s Ultimate Dance Competition – she placed 4th in the competition. She appeared halfway through series 4 of ‘Dance Moms’ and really held her own as a dancer; her flawless technique and ‘strong legs and feet’ really placed her above the other dancers in the group. Kalani showed herself to be a confident dancer on the show, and she regularly won competition awards for her dance performances. Since leaving Dance Moms in 2017, Kalani has starred on many television shows and music videos.

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 Kalani was born in Arizona US on the 23rd September 2000, and started dance classes at the age of 2 years old, and has continued ever since. When she was younger her Mom struggled to afford dance lessons, so Kalani and her mom used to clean the dance studio to pay for extra tuition. Before appearing on Abbey’s Ultimate Dance Competition, Kalani had already appeared on television shows such as the dance competition show ‘Shake it Up’ and she also played a Ballet Dancer on a TV show called ‘Bunheads’.

In 2013 Kalani starred on Abbey’s Ultimate Dance Competition, and was soon recognised as one of the stronger dancers on the show; not only did she have great flexibility, but she also had strong dance technique. On this show, she had to complete many different dance challenges that showed her strengths as a dancer, and she had to dance solos, duos, trios, and group numbers to impress the judges. In episode 4 she fell in a solo performance which caused her to be eliminated from the show, but she was luckily saved by Abbey as a ‘call back card’ and then later placed 4th in the competition. In 2014 she starred on the 9th series of Americas Got Talent as a group member in a contortion act called ‘Complexity’

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In 2014 Kalani was called in to appear on Dance Moms at the Abbey Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh. She became a very strong dancer on the show alongside Maddie Ziegler and was regularly praised by Abbey. As she was one of the oldest dancers on the team, she would help out and guide the younger dance members. She won many awards for her dances that displayed grace and almost perfect technique, and on one occasion she received a perfect score from the judges. Kalani had previously come from dance studio ‘Club Dance’; a dance company that is known to produce graceful and strong dancers. Fellow Dance Moms member Brynn Rumfallo also came from ‘Club Dance’.

Since leaving Dance Moms, Kalani continues to star in television shows and films. She has also kept dancing to remain her flawless technique, but she no longer dances competitively. She is also a Social Media influencer and Youtuber and regularly advertises for brands such as BangEnergy. Kalani even advertises dental care products; she was known for having nice teeth on the show, so if you want a pretty smile like Kalani, then you might want to get in touch with a Cardiff Orthodontist such as https://cathedraldentalclinic.com/orthodontics-cardiff/, or an orthodontist near you to give you the perfect set of teeth.

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