Flooring Blogs that are the Best

If you’re interested in all things flooring related and always have your eye out for the latest designs, news and products, then you’ll appreciate knowing about the UK’s best flooring blogs. The best blogs in the business aim to inspire, educate and update readers about the latest technology and provide essential tips for anyone looking to replace their flooring. The best blogs are rated by Google’s search ranking and reputation scores, followers and popularity on social media and the quality and regularity of their posts. We have found several sources talking about things like Laminate Wood Flooring which is conveniently found at sites like irwintiles.ie/index.php/wooden-flooring.html For all flooring matters, try the following:

  1. Best at Flooring

Based out of Leeds, this blog contains a wealth of useful information about all flooring matters and is the UK’s largest online flooring store. They post around 2 new articles every week.

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  1. Wood and Beyond

Based in London, Wood and Beyond import and supply high-end, luxury hardwood products to the UK market. They supply decking, worktops, solid and engineered hardwood flooring in a variety of finishes and colours for garden and interior design. They update with about one post per week.

  1. ESB Flooring

Also found in London, this company supplies a wide range of wood flooring and associated accessories. They are keen to stress their sourcing from sustainable forests for their large selection of stylish wooden floors. They post about one article each week onto their blog.

4. Luxury Flooring

As the name suggests, this company focuses on luxury, top quality flooring and is based in Leeds. Their blog is highly informative, with expert contributors covering a broad range of topics. They upload approximately four posts per month on subjects such as how to choose flooring, how to install it and how to maintain your floor.

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5. Direct Wood Flooring

Another store providing quality wood flooring with a useful blog that aims to help customers find the perfect floor style for their needs. They post on their blog about once a week, so if you’re looking for advice, this would be a good place to visit.

  1. Ambience Flooring

Based in Leicester, Ambient Flooring offer posts on flooring tips and are suppliers of wooden flooring with a wide range of palettes, style and comfort. They don’t post quite as often but you’ll still find a new article about once a month.

  1. Discount Flooring Depot

This Manchester firm supplies engineered wood, laminate and wood flooring. They also stock a wide variety of underlay choices and associated accessories. You’ll discover around three posts each month on their site. For a stunning range of 7. Chaunceys Timber Flooring

Located in Bristol, this is a family run firm that supplies engineered and solid oak flooring to both retail and trade customers. They update their blog roughly twice a month with news, interesting articles and stories to inform and educate their readers about all things floor related.


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