The Essentials to Look for in Your Membership Management System

If your association is thriving, then the more members you attract the more you need to think about a new or upgraded solution to manage those members. The perfect solution will be different for every organisation, but in this article we take a look at four vital features that should be in any software you consider.

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1. Payment Management

Payment processing needs to be swift and simple – for both you and your members. The best payment solution for you might not be the market leader, but it will be the one that slots in perfectly with your membership management system and helps you take advantage of the increased emphasis on complete data integration. As well as membership registration and fees, the integrated systems might need to manage online purchases, ticket reservations and refunds, depending on what your organisation offers. Robust reporting features also help with audits and accounting.

2. Sophisticated Member Profiling

Basic membership details (name, membership number, contact information) are a given. A more comprehensive profiling solution can include a variety of supplemental information such as communication preferences, events attended and ticket types and numbers purchased and connections between members (like those living at the same address). An extra step is to let members view and edit their profiles online, which makes it easy for both them and you to keep information current.

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3. Automated Renewals

If your membership system can send automatic renewal notices, this can really increase the likelihood of your members renewing their subscriptions. Look for software that can perform regular checks for soon-to-expire memberships. It should also be highly customisable to ensure you can send recurring personalised messages that reach your members without irritating them or risking ending up in the spam folder. Systems such as offer automated reminders and follow-ups to make renewals as painless as possible.

4. Self-Service Portals

Taking online member profiles a step further, self-service portals let your members access a wealth of further resources. Not only do they have control over their membership preferences, but they can see additional information such as purchasing history, course information and documents for download. This encourages members to engage with you and take full advantage of membership benefits – all of which will support your organisation far better than a members list in an Excel spreadsheet.

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