Effortless Style with these tips

We’ve all made fashion faux pas in the past, whether it’s the stale work suit or that phase you went through in your twenties. But all is not lost: there are so many ways to help you dress well without needing a personal shopper.  So don’t panic you can still got out in a Nightclub Cheltenham location without worrying about what people think about your style.  So after you have read these tips all you need to do is pick a location that matches your new look by going to sites like https://www.undertheprom.com/.

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Size Matters

It’s something women have been telling you for years, but it’s true. Ill-fitted suits can ruin a look, no matter the price tag. Choose your fit depending on your body shape; don’t try to squeeze into a slim-fit jacket if there’s more of you to love. If your go-to suit is feeling tighter than before, don’t immediately buy the next size up – take it to a tailor to let it out.

Act Your Age (Not Your Shoe Size)

There is nothing worse than a man dressing younger than he is. But that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to knitted jumpers and slippers. Being over 40 opens a whole new world of fashion, with your suits acting as a reflection of your life experience. Classic looks like a regular fit won’t see you wrong, but tailored fits can still be smart while showing your body shape.

Details, Details, Details

Outfits can be improved with a little personal touch. Adding something as effortless as a bag or umbrella can refine your style. Coats and jackets can be a huge investment in your wardrobe, as long as they’re fitted well. Trench coats can be a perfect wardrobe staple that will last from season to season. Spare a thought for your skin and hair: unkempt hair and dry flaky skin can ruin an outfit.

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Be Complementary

Wardrobe clashes are the worst mistake you could possibly make. Make sure your wardrobe consists of complimentary colours; the older gentleman should go for dark or earthy colours for the office. Classic  mens designer jackets can be matched with a pair of fitted jeans to give your outfit a casual edge for nights out.

Look After Your Clothes and They’ll Look After You

The worst thing you can do to a perfected outfit is leave it lying around. A clean suit should always be hung up to preserve the tailored lines and the overall shape of the outfit. Your suit will last longer as a result of showing it a little love from time to time.

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