Effective methods to clean the shower door

We know that  our rhythm of daily work does not allow us to devote all the attention  that we would like to keep the house impeccable. Quiet, we do not intend that now you become a  cleaning maniac  ( for that we are already ).

But if we think about it, how long can it take to  pass a dry cloth * through the glass of the screen once you have finished showering ?

* Important:  make sure the cloth does not leave any lint or buy a rubber wiper blade!

No more than five minutes, right?

Unless your house is that of the Preysler and you have a giant shower, of course. And, in that case, you’re probably not reading this article because you will not be the one to clean the bathroom.

So you know: every time you shower,  a clean and dry cloth passes through the glass of the screen  to eliminate water droplets.

We also advise that,  after showering , open the windows or the bathroom door to  ventilate the space.

Humidity is a source of bacteria, fungi  and other undesirable agents in our beautiful bathroom.

Now you will tell us:? Well, I do not usually do any of this: neither pass the clean cloth nor ventilate the bathroom ?.

Do not suffer, if you have been a little careless, it is not too late to solve it. Next, we are going to tell you exclusively several  infallible methods to clean the glass of the shower door.

The best methods to clean the shower door

With these simple tips and tricks there will be no soap, lime or moisture stain that will resist. You do not believe it?

Solution based on water and white vinegar

  1. Pour the same amount of water and white vinegar into a bucket  .
  2. Take a  sponge  and moisten it in the resulting mixture.
  3. Rub the surface of the screen with the sponge  drawing circles.
  4. Once the lime or soap residue has been removed,  rinse the glass with clean water.
  5. And finally, pass a  soft and dry cloth  to dry it.

Final touch for note: pass a  wet cloth with a little lemon juice  if you want the screen to shine like the first day.

Cleaner based on white vinegar and bicarbonate

  1. Apply the solution  on the surface of the screen.
  2. Leave on for  10 or 15 minutes.
  3. After this time, use a  sponge moistened with water  to remove the remains that remain in the glass.
  4. To finish, use a  soft, dry cloth  to dry the screen.

Final touch for note: a little  lemon juice , as in the previous method, is again key to your shower shine so much that it dazzles the guests.

And you’re wondering, what about the aluminum or steel parts of the shower? Relax, we can also help you.

How to clean stains of moisture or mildew in aluminum or steel

Apart from the  metal polishers  or other  specific products for the care and cleaning of aluminum  or steel that exist in the market, you have at your disposal other cheaper but equally effective home remedies.

If your shower has  aluminum finishes:

  1. Mix vinegar and a tablespoon of salt in a glass  and  slowly add flour until you get a dough.
  2. Apply the resulting mixture on the metal with a cloth  (make sure beforehand that it is not abrasive by testing it in an invisible area of ​​the shower.)
  3. Leave it on for  30 minutes and  then rinse it with warm water.
  4. Finally, pass a  soft cloth to make it shine.

If your shower has  steel finishes:

  1. Pour  water with baking soda and white vinegar  into a bucket or other similar container.
  2. Soak  a cloth in the resulting mixture and  rub on the steel  until it is clean.
  3. Use a  soft cloth to dry  the steel surface.

Have you seen how fast, easy and economical? You no longer have an excuse to have  a cover bath.

Say goodbye to the soap, lime, mold, fungus and bacteria spots on the shower screen. They are no longer welcome in your bathroom!

But, above all, remember that, if you want to keep your shower as new, it is best to  maintain and clean the shower every week.

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