Easter crafts to send in the mail

Although Christmas is the main seasonal time for gift-giving, Easter is another fun time of year where we can send treats to loved ones. There are lots of Easter craft ideas that can be perfect for friends and family of all ages.

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There are many Easter traditions, from eggs to Easter bunnies. Explore where they all came from originally in this interesting article from the BBC. One way to celebrate is by exchanging gifts. Here are some fun ideas for crafts you can make yourself to send to friends and family:

Easter Cards

Many people send Easter cards they have bought from a shop, but these are easy to make yourself with colourful card and bits of ribbon. Cards can be trimmed with all kinds of paper shapes, glitter, felt and sequins to turn them into works of art.

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Easter Bunting

Another attractive idea is bunting, which can be draped around the home. This sewing project requires pieces of card or cloth, scissors, needle and thread, and decorative items such as mini pom-poms and ribbons. The individual cloth or card pieces should be threaded together on a string to drape along a wall.

Easter Wreath

Just like at Christmas, wreaths are popular at Easter time to hang on the door. Instead of the holly and red berries that we use for the festive season, consider yellow and white flowers. This floral garland can be created at home using a plain willow wreath, floristry wire and flowers.


Bookmarks are wonderful for small and light crafts that can easily be sent in the mail. Bookmarks can be made from tough card and decorated with colourful designs and stencils. They can be hand-painted in original designs for something truly unique.

Easter Delivery

Even if you are running late with your gift, you can hire a same day courier to deliver your present in time for the big day. If you are looking for a same day courier Slough has many options. Simply search online for same day courier Slough professionals and you are sure to find many options for the swift delivery of your parcel.


Another idea is hand-crafted jewellery. This need not require sophisticated skills, as you can make beautiful bead necklaces with thin leather straps. Simply thread the beads onto the strap to create necklaces and bracelets.


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