Why Don’t I Have Any Hot Water?

It’s been a long hard day at work. The only thing getting you through the day was the idea of a long, hot, peaceful bath when you get home. But disaster! There is no hot water! First of all, don’t panic. There are some easy troubleshooting points that you can run through to get your hot water going again. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that you can easily sort out yourself to get that hot bath running and you can get back to relaxing.

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Power On?

It seems obvious, but check the power is on and has not been switched off. There could have been a minor power cut while you were at work (and dreaming of hot baths). The power going off can cause your boiler to revert back to factory settings and so cancel your timer settings.

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Frost and Ice

Is it winter? Perhaps the pipes have frozen. The pipe to check is the condensate pipe which takes waste water from your boiler to the outside drain. If this is the case, carefully defrost the pipe and then try the hot water again.

Light It Up

If you have a gas boiler, the pilot light might have gone out. Carefully follow the instructions on your boiler to get it lit again. If this persists, it might need a new thermocouple, so it’s best to get an engineer and look for a Boiler repair Cheltenham company through links like http://www.combi-man.com/ .

Gas Checks

If your boiler uses gas, it might be that there is an issue with the gas supply. Check any other gas-powered appliances in your home. If these are off, then the gas is to blame. In this case, contact your gas supplier.

Thermostat Settings

You can set your thermostat to suit you and your needs, but go check to see that it hasn’t been reset by accident or set too low to provide the hot water that you need. Most thermostats have a ‘boost’ button where it turns up for a short period and gets that hot water flowing.

There are some easy ways you can troubleshoot your hot water problems. We always suggest that if you are ever uncertain then call an engineer. Now, where is that bubble bath?


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