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Discover the 10 superfoods that you should include in your diet

superfoods , their English version, are being news in all media and social networks, as they are taking an important role in nutrition for a healthy and healthy life. superfood diet plan is needed to take.

And is not for less! As its name tells us, these foods are loaded with a lot of benefits , whether they prevent or cure diseases, help burn fat and lose weight, improve performance and have greater vitality or even improve mental and mental state. Choose the superfood that suits you and note the positive effects they have on you.

What are superfoods?

All those foods that have a high nutritional level , or as some say, that are “super nourished”, have been called superfoods. This means that they are nutritionally dense and that they provide a high content of antioxidants, vitamins or minerals, without having to be consumed in large proportions. In addition, their continuous intake is not harmful to health and many are ideal to drink daily.

Some of these foods have been used for thousands of years by indigenous civilizations, to heal both body and mind. In any case, we must bear in mind that these are not magical foods and that regardless of their consumption we need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. superfood diet plan is needed to take.

What are the 10 best superfoods?

We can not tell you if any of the superfoods that we present below is better than another, since it depends on the benefits you want to obtain from them. Of course, in this list we propose different examples so you can choose between the different benefits they offer: either something like weight loss, provide aphrodisiac properties, increase defense or detoxify.

You will realize that some of these powerful foods you already know and are more common than you thought. Others, on the other hand, thanks to globalization, are now becoming better known, although in some places they have been consumed since millennia ago.

1. Acai superfood diet plan

This fruit from Brazil is an intense purple berry with one of the greatest antioxidant powers, which is why some call it “the elixir of eternal youth”. In this sense it prevents aging, reduces stress levels and provides energy .

But that’s not all, this superfood is a great ally to help you lose weight, cleanse the colon, improve digestion and decrease fluid retention; In turn, it is very useful in cases of erectile dysfunction and insomnia. So do not forget to include the acai in your recipes. superfood diet plan is needed to take.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Asia for being the best friend to take care of the liver. We know it in its presentation of spice of yellow color and it contributes a very authentic flavor to the meals, that already you will recognize if you have ever eaten curry.

It is a superfood due to its active principle, curcumin. Its properties provide antioxidant benefits , neuroprotective, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, digestive, also prevents neuronal diseases and helps regulate menstrual cycles.

3. Coconut milk

The coconut in general is an excellent fruit that can be used in different presentations. Either eating your pulp, drinking coconut water, using it as oil or you can also include it in your recipes.

Coconut milk is a superfood that has won many followers in the kitchen for its delicious flavor. But do not get confused, coconut milk is not the same coconut water that is inside the fruit, but it is extracted from the pulp.

Therefore, as a result of its high nutritional content , this superfood gives us benefits such as strengthening the immune system, relief of arthritis, strengthening of bones and energy intake.

4. Spirulina

UNESCO has called this algae “the food of the millennium” and it is no wonder. Spirulina is a superfood with a high content of proteins easier to digest than those of meat and rich in vitamins, especially B12, minerals such as iron (this is also easily assimilated), potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It is also a great source of fatty acids such as Omega-3 and provides chlorophyll. superfood diet plan is needed to take.

Include spirulina in your juices or shakes to combat constipation, improve intestinal flora, detoxify the kidneys, prevent anemia, protect the cardiovascular system, prevent cancer and tumors, reduce cholesterol levels and activate brain functions.

5. Maca 

Maca is a root of Peruvian origin that has been popularized for its anticancer , antidepressant and immune system stimulating functions. But this is not all that this root can do for us; Maca is also a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women, and is a great help for the increase of sperm and for the symptoms of menopause. It can also give you a hand with the management of anxiety and increased energy.

Its high nutritional values ​​include proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. You can include it in shakes, infusions or creams, but do not abuse the amount you use.

Maca has anti-cancer properties and is a natural aphrodisiac.

6. Kale

The kale is a leafy green vegetable from the same family as cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. Its properties include a high content of calcium, vitamins A, C and K, iron and potassium. It is low in calories and a good source of fiber. Some call it “vegetable meat” because its iron content is greater than that of a fillet. superfood diet plan is needed to take.

The consumption of kale brings benefits such as the reduction of bad cholesterol in the blood , it is antioxidant, fights free radicals, helps prevent blood coagulation and neuronal deterioration, strengthens the body and helps bone formation. In addition, kale is rich in phytonutrients that protect cells and are anticancer.

You can include the kale in your salads or as an ingredient for your juices.

7. Charcoal

This ingredient is becoming a must to include in juices and smoothies , as this superfood has the ability to absorb a greater amount of toxic substances in the body, thus improving the body’s functions. Oxygenates the skin and improves digestion. You just have to add a teaspoon of charcoal to your detox juice to start enjoying its benefits.

8. Chlorella superfood diet plan

Another very beneficial algae for health is chlorella . With it we obtain the highest amount of chlorophyll that the algae can offer us. It is also rich in proteins (it has eight essential amino acids!), Antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamins and minerals. This is a superfood in every sense of the word.

Its nutrients are excellent to destroy free radicals, strengthen the immune system (very good against colds or fungi such as candida), fighting bacteria and viruses, and repair damaged tissues.

9. Chia

Chia is another of the superfoods preferred by women, it helps to lose weight! From this wonderful herb from Central America what we consume are its seeds, due to its high content of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that are converted into Omega-3 fatty acids.

It helps us to lose weight because it provides a feeling of fullness, reduces cravings and anxiety, while it hydrates the body, and thanks to its soluble fiber improves digestion. It also reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and helps delay the increase in blood sugar.

10. Garcinia cambogia

Another one of the most acclaimed fruits to lose weight is garcinia cambogia. This superfood is antioxidant, increases defenses and is analgesic for minor ailments. Even so, the most striking thing about this fruit is its high content of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), what it does is that it prevents your body from metabolizing fats and gives you a satiating effect, which makes it a perfect complement to help you slim down. superfood diet plan is needed to take.

Keep in mind at the time of buying garcinia cambogia capsules that your percentage of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is at least 40 – 50%, otherwise the dose will be insufficient to help you lose weight naturally.

We hope that this selection will be useful to achieve the objectives you have, with the nutritional help and benefits that each of these foods gives you. But as we told you before, remember that no food in itself works miracles and maintaining a balanced diet is the basis of a healthy life.

uction of bad cholesterol in the blood , it is antioxidant, fights free radicals, helps prevent blood coagulation and neuronal deterioration, strengthens the body and helps bone formation. In addition, kale is rich in phytonutrients that protect cells and are anticancer.

You can include the kale in your salads or as an ingredient for your juices.

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