How to create a child-friendly garden

We all want to keep an eye on our small children when they’re out playing, but it’s easier said than done. Take your eye off them for a second and they’ve fallen over, wandered off or discovered something they shouldn’t have. If your little ones are keen explorers, you’ll need to be aware of all the hidden and obvious dangers, even in your own garden.

Do you know which flowers are safe? Especially if picked and eaten by curious youngsters? Check that you don’t have flowers such as Lily-of-the-Valley, Yew and Philodendron. These are poisonous and can also cause skin and eye irritation. Safe flowers to enjoy in your garden include lavender, sunflowers and daisies, especially if you have little ones running around.

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Ponds can be beautiful additions to a garden and great for wildlife, but can you feel safe with a pond when you have small children? You don’t have to miss out, just take some precautions is all. Grids and netting are available to place over ponds, keeping young ones away from the water while still letting wildlife benefit. Another option is to fence or gate it off completely until the children are old enough to understand water safety.

Installing an anti-slip decking can also provide peace of mind. Decking looks incredibly stylish but can become very slippery when wet. When little ones are running around, it can be a constant source of worry. Anti-slip decking is perfect for enjoying the garden even when the weather isn’t the best.

Ensuring all garden tools are safely locked away is another important aspect of garden safety. For a garden to be free of danger, things like shears, forks, spades, trowels and hoes must be stored securely away to keep out of the reach of curious little hands. Lawn mowers must never be left plugged in and any garden chemicals must be stored right out of the way. Children are curious by nature and won’t think twice about making some garden tools their new toys! If you are using tools with children present, don’t let them out of your sight or leave them lying on the ground.

Designing a kid-friendly garden, include specific areas for them to use and add things to keep them occupied and having fun while playing out in the garden. Consider play equipment such as wooden climbing frames. High quality play equipment like wooden climbing frames will be constructed with safety in mind and are a great investment for their beautiful appearance and fun factor.

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Whether you’re making a sandpit or a designated space for football with nets and cones, a special place to play will make all the difference to your children. You don’t have use up all the space in your garden, just a section that is completely safe and that belongs to them. Considering the safety of your children doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having a lovely garden. Following the above steps will give you a garden that can be enjoyed by everyone.


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