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How to clean jewelry

Clean jewelry– Does your favorite costume jewelry have traces of rust? Tranquility and deep breathing, because it is not about anything that cannot be fixed with a little skill and patience. In this article, we share with you some tactics to clean  jewelry and make it as good as new. Do not miss it!


clean jewelry

At the moment it is in tendency the designs of handmade jewels, such as, Rings in sterling silver , earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bracelets, among others.

This trend is highlighted by the fusion or combination of different materials, can be gold or silver with or without gems and precious stones.

Some use materials that are not usually used in jewelry, such as textiles, yarn and wool.

Large pieces with ethnic details tend to be in trend. An example is the boho style, in which we can see bohemian brushstrokes with geometric, animal and large characteristics.


Craft jewelry created with sterling silver is often darkened by factors such as air, light or even the pH of the skin.

To do this they must be cleaned with a non-abrasive silver cleaner and a soft towel, so you will not suffer any deterioration.


Taking into account these recommendations you can make your jewelry stay impeccable for much longer:

  • Do not wet them: try not to shower with them on, do not use them in the pool or on the beach. Water and chlorine cause the silver to lose its shine.
  • Beware of chemicals: do not apply perfumes, creams and other cosmetics directly on the piece.
  • Store them well:  protect them from light, air and moisture by keeping them in a jeweler or chest.
  • Clean them frequently:  just stop using it clean them with soft cloth.
  • Wash them separately:  when you go to wash them, do not do it with other pieces as they can be scratched.


To make this cleaning of your handmade jewelry in sterling silver you will have to have the following materials:

  • A bowl
  • Salt
  • Boiling water
  • Foil
  • A soft cloth

Line the bowl inside with the aluminum foil, and add the boiling water in there, and dissolve a tablespoon of salt, incorporate the jewel. And jea for 15 minutes, moving it from time to time.

After this time, remove the jewel from the container and dry it gently with the towel.

With these recommendations you can keep much longer. And in good condition your handmade jewelry and wear those beautiful rings in sterling silver as new.

Do you know how to take care of your accessories?

The accessories are a fundamental piece in the wardrobe of any of us, they abound in many types of materials and shapes. They are that unique touch that makes a different look. In Rouse for them we have a lot of accessories made in different materials. Because they are that small purchase we always make. Because you never have enough accessories. So we want to tell you everything you need to know how to properly care for accessories. And clean your jewelry be of precious materials or jewelry in steel or fantasy.

How to Clean Silver

Silver: this metal easily darkens, so it is necessary to clean frequently. While it is true that there are many methods, in Rouse we recommend simplicity. So the ideal is to pass a paper with a bit of toothpaste and then polish it with a dry cloth. If it’s about seals, do not rub them too much, to avoid wear. If instead it is embossed silver, it should be cleaned with a toothbrush.

It is recommended that you never store these accessories in plastic bags, as they cause condensation and loss of brightness. If this type of material causes allergies, with a transparent enamel you can cover the areas of contact with your skin and avoid irritations.

How to Clean Gold

Gold: it is a delicate metal and usually stains very easily. The gold jewelry should be kept wrapped in chamois and washed from time to time with soap and water. Of course, do not use gold pieces in swimming pools, since chlorine is very corrosive to this type of material.


For this metal it is necessary to apply specific creams for platinum and use a toothbrush to clean small indentations.

How to Clean Jewels in Steel

You can also clean steel jewelry with warm water, a soft cloth and soap by wiping it to the direction where the jewel is polished to avoid scratches.

Another method is to clean the steel with toothpaste and a soft brush fronting it with the brush and then wiping it with a cloth and warm water.

There are cleaning pastes that polish everything that is stainless steel in Colombia you can get in supermarkets we leave you an example product here

How to Clean Fantasia Jewelry

Clean Jewelry: to clean jewelry accessories, you must cover these with baking powder and then remove it with a brush. Avoid as much as you can clean this type of fantasy jewelry using water since if they are alloys that contain copper this reacts with water and can be damaged.

Always use dry cleaning methods

  • Avoid contact of this jewelry with perfumes or body creams
  • To lengthen the useful life of the jewels of fantasy you can add a layer of transparent enamel for nails this will help prevent moisture from oxidizing the metal
  • If the accessories are already rusted you can remove this with toothpaste and a damp cloth

Chains: chains as accessories should be checked periodically to avoid breakage, and if there are any, are able to fix them before you want to use them. Something important is to close them when they are not used so they do not knot or snag.

Rings: it is good to check them frequently, to detect a weak element. The idea is to take them off when it comes to being in contact with water.

Synthetic Leather Bags

If instead our accessories are leather, since they are the most used accessories. We will have to have another kind of care. Leather requires, in all seasons of the year, that we are moistening. The pieces, gently to maintain its structural condition and always look premiere.

To avoid the dreaded dryness, it is recommended, in the case of purses and coats, not to keep them hanging on hangers or hooks. If the leather of one of your favorite purses is dry, an appropriate remedy is to spread cream or special liquid for leather shoes. This substance should be applied gently with a sponge that is used with cosmetics.

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