The case for the re use of a garage Forecourt.

Increasingly we are being asked to prepare ourselves for the end of the petrol age. Petrol is a fossil fuel, it contributes to global warming and it’s a finite resource. Although modern cars are much more efficient in terms of fuel use the rate of consumption has been slowed to such a level that it is now thought that fuel reserves will last until 2050 or longer, although this is a prediction from the Petrochemical industry and if you ask an environmental organisation it’s more like 2030. Whatever the outcome, the use of the petrol station will start to decrease.  What will happen to them all? There are some suggestions but whatever happens there will need to be some Tank Decommissioning taking place. Here are some suggestions for the decommissioned site.

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  1. Green fuelling zone. If the petrol filling station as we know it is going to go there is the question of what will fill in the gap for the staff as they may find themselves redundant. One option is that the petrol station converts itself over to the provision of Green energy. These could include charging points, Autogas dispensation, Bio fuel options and, if it ever gets developed Hydrogen. The shop and frontage might not change, the only difference here is that you’re recharging before you go and get a sneaky chocolate bar.
  2. Housing estate. Some of the areas that the petrol station is located are in rural areas or they will find themselves classed as a brownfield site. This gives developers a great opportunity to use the space for something else and a housing project seems one of the most likely options. In terms of footage the average forecourt could allow up to 6 terrace houses or 3 to 4 detached, semi-detached homes.
  3. Retail space. The option of a series of shops and service industries is also a possibility but with the current trend for online retailing this might not be an option. However, for some local areas the inclusion of a shop stroke post office might provide a valuable resource.

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  1. Open space, park and playground. It isn’t just homes and living space that is needed. The changing of such a wide area to parkland and or a playground for children is a very tempting choice. As we start to have a lifestyle that is too sedentary the chance to get out and about, even if it’s on a small space is certainly a welcome opportunity.


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