Why you can’t beat the English countryside

When planning a wedding, you should consider holding it in the beautiful English countryside. Not convinced? Here are some top reasons why you absolutely cannot beat the great English countryside:

Stunning landscapes

There is nowhere on earth quite like the majestic countryside of England. The rolling hills and beautiful views across valleys can’t be beaten. The Rough Guide has voted England the 7th most beautiful country in the world and our landscapes are much more varied than you might think. Whilst there are the endless green fields that we know and love, there are also mountains, rugged clifftops, gorgeous beaches, dramatic moors and thick forests all waiting to be discovered.

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The countryside is teeming with wonderful wildlife and a wide variety of animals and birds that live in the woods, meadows and coastal areas of this beautiful land. From the dolphins and whales that can be spotted off the coast to squirrels and deer, badgers, foxes and otters. Spending time in the countryside will increase your chances of spotting some of our most treasured wildlife.


Not all history is to be found in the cities. There are deep and fascinating histories to be discovered in our countryside up and down the land. Seek out the old Roman roads, uncover why the Peak District was deforested and the origins of the Norfolk broads, to name just a few.

Quaint villages

England is home to countless quaint villages all with distinctive stories and charm, from the Peak District to the Cotswolds. The country is dotted with gorgeous villages that boast boutique shops, great local food, inns, cafes and traditional pubs, all of which make an ideal day out. Holding your wedding in or near one of these rural delights will add charming and romantic atmosphere to your celebrations. For a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester, consider Hatton Court, a top Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire set in stunning countryside.

Get walking

If you love the great outdoors, the English countryside offers countless hiking opportunities, with walking trails the length and breadth of the nation. From easy paths across meadows to coastal paths that wind along cliffs, whatever difficulty you’re seeking, you’ll find the perfect ramble.

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Country pubs

Is there anywhere more comforting than a fireside drink in a traditional English public house? A warm, hearty meal and a pint as you relax after a hard day’s rambling is pure bliss. Most traditional pubs have the quintessential beamed ceilings, traditional décor and open fireplace that we’ve come to love from these rural establishments.

Fresh Air

What could be better than a deep lungful of clean, fresh air? If you spend most of your time battling congestion in a built-up urban environment, then you’ll greatly the appreciate the fresh air of a country retreat. Spend as much time as you can outside, and all that fresh air will work wonders for your health and skin! The fresh air


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