brown leather sofa

With what combines a brown leather sofa

Brown leather sofa-When I think of a dark leather sofa, I immediately think of a chic of the classics, with its solid structure and it’s captioned. Maybe it’s one of the most iconic sofas and, for me,

one of that furniture that I want to have yes or yes “when I’m older”. If you have had the luck to inherit one or you have entered the attack of love for the classic and you have bought it, surely you want to give prominence. It is not a couch either. It is a decorative star, a natural focus of attention, for that reason it deserves a spot similar to this one:

Although this approach are not the only option if you want / have a chocolate-colored leather sofa. And the truth is that, however much you like the idea, sometimes it is somewhat complex to integrate it, mainly by two factors: color and material.

Neither of them is easy in decoration, and less in such high doses. But it is also that the sum of both results in a piece of furniture that has everything: it occupies a lot visually, it feels very heavy, it shines a little (or a lot, depending on the type of leather) and also brings certain old airs. That is, a priori it is not very attractive. BUT, the brave who dare with a brown leather sofa have a winning horse, a diamond in the rough, an ace in the sleeve.

Classic infallible

brown leather sofa

Let’s start with the classic and basic: accompany your sofa with a range of natural and clean colors, such as browns, earth, ocher, yellow and green. The contrast with the chocolate color will be perfect and harmonious. Nothing flashy, but at the same time with personality.


If we raise the tone a bit because you are more daring, you can emphasize your sofa helping you with the color of the wall behind it. An interesting idea is the gradient: start with the darker tone at the bottom and see clarifying it towards the ceiling. It will give you luminosity and emphasis. The simplest version of this idea is the half-painted trend.

Do you want to give it an even more dramatic touch? Dare with a dark wall, in a solid tone. Of course, make sure that the piece receives enough light or give it light with some trick.

Rustic line

What makes a sofa with these characteristics complicated is, perhaps, what makes it a perfect element for decorations with rustic airs, or that pretend to evoke nature.

If you accompany it with wood, natural fiber fabrics and plants, the result is fabulous. Here you have three rustic currents that are trend and in which these sofas are almost indispensable:

With ethnic style

Of course, if we talk about trends and looks in which a brown leather sofa cannot miss, we must highlight the industrial look and its more contemporary version: the Green Studio.

The fact is that brick, concrete, gears, demolition woods and metals enhance these vintage- looking sofas, which combine perfectly with the raw tones .

Integrated in white

Another alternative that I love is the contrast with white. The spaces in which light colors predominate tend to look quite minimalist, so incorporating a brown leather sofa will break the chromatic monotony. As a result you will have a balanced space, which you can top off with a designer chair, like a butterfly or a diamond.

Chic, style and elegance

And who said that a dark leather sofa cannot be chic and elegant? You only need some metallic touches, textiles with animal print and fresh flowers. And of course, you cannot miss a slightly more baroque and ornate element, like a mirror or chandelier.

Classic brown leather sofa

Original from the s. XIX, the Chester is a sofa that will give a strong personality to your living room. Traditionally crafted, they stand out for their low back (about 75 cm), soft look, upholstery and volute armrests. Those in the image are Blue-Earth. Living room decorated by Cristina Carbon ell.


In large and square rooms, distribute the sofas in “U”, with a couple of seats that close the gathering is a very practical option. To make it more versatile, it combines different pieces, like here, where berg ere-type armchairs match the sofa, they act as a joker, making it easy to move.


As the name suggests, they are perfect to save a corner and reconvert that space, with two sofas in “L” would be wasted, in extra seats. The only handicap they present is that they only adapt at right angles. Living room decorated.


It is literally a two in one: sofa + chaise lounge. And a very practical option to combine several functions in one piece. However, these are sofas larger than conventional so the meters count.


The classic never goes out of style. And, in addition, it is easily abominable. To test this room, which combines two designs of sofas very different from each other but with a common denominator: its classic style? On the one hand, a singular piece in capstone.


In salons with a fireplace, the sofas are usually organized around them. Here, we have opted for a symmetrical distribution of sofas and coffee tables, which creates a harmonious and visually ordered set.


Although the chis accept any upholstery, the leather fits like a glove. This upholstery has many advantages: it is easy to wash; Integrates into any decoration; It is very resistant and although it ages, it feels great the worn look. This is from Filament.


When you have views like those in this wonderful room open to the garden, it is difficult for the gaze to stop on anything other than the outside. This sofa, a unique piece of classic lines, achieves the (almost) impossible: that we look at it. It is a House and Field design.


Two identical sofas but with different upholsterers? And why not? It is options that will give a more informal and dynamic touch to the sofa area. If, in addition, like here, you finish one of the sofas with tacks, you will give it a very modern retro look. And the tacks are back in fashion!

Finally, the brown leather sofa will largely determine the comfort of the sofa. For a sofa to be ergonomic, experts recommend that the backrest be softer than the seat to protect the kidneys well. A white and fluffy backrest will prevent the body from slipping and thus the back will suffer. The best fillings for the seats are the goose or duck feather, but its price is high and requires maintenance.

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