Some bizarre television game shows

When it comes to a good game show it seems that almost nothing is off limits. With millions of people tuning in each week to watch their favourite show and almost as many people applying to be contestants it is no wonder that sometimes the premise for these shows is a little odd. You certainly want to make sure that your tv aerial is in prime working order, so you don’t miss a single episode. If you need a tv aerial repair Cheltenham appointments can be arranged through steve unett aerials

Here are some of the more bizarre games shows throughout history.

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Supermarket Sweep

This game, although having a few questions for contestants to answer to gain more time, is essentially all about making as much mess as possible in a mock supermarket in a bid to fill your trolley with anything you can lay your hands on. The contestants that amazed the highest value of items at the end, won. The shop first appeared in the 1960s before it made a reappearance in the 90s with host Dale Winton taking the reins.

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Takeshi’s Castle

If you like people falling off inflatables and being pelted with plastic balls, then Takeshi’s Castle is definitely the program for you. It was first aired in Japan in the latter part of the 1980s and since then it has gained popularity across the world. The contestants are slow whittled down to the final few who battle it out to take over the castle in a bid to see who the winners will be. In the rounds leading up to this epic finale the players end up soaked, covered in mud, usually a little bloody and sometime a little confused as to where they are.

Deal or No Deal

This is the game show that boasts the players ability to be able to win large sums of money. But it is essentially a game of guessing. Seeing whether you can figure out what amounts will be in each of the boxes. It is a game of nerve and seeing whether you can work out what the banker is going to offer you at each round and whether you have the nerve to go all the way, just in case you box does contain the million-pound prize. Of course, you could also end up with the 1 pence box. Many people have tried to figure out a formula to the game, but much like the lottery it is a game of chance.

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