biggest prom dress

The biggest prom dress trends to know

In the UK, prom season is now big business and it’s estimated that us Brits spend in excess of thirty million pounds annually on prom paraphernalia. That’s huge given that just over a decade ago proms rarely existed in Britain.

biggest prom dress

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Girls spend on average five hundred pounds on their prom dress alone and take up to a couple of months to choose the right one. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s any cheaper if you have a son. According to the Mirror, boys are now spending just as much on prom outfits as girls.

But what are the top trends in prom dresses this year and, if you’re on a budget, how can you keep the costs down?

biggest prom dress

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Top prom dress trends

Like any fashion, trends among prom dresses come and go. This year two of the top trends are glitter and rose gold. While rose gold has previously made an appearance in jewellery and accessories, it’s this year’s must-have colour for your dress. The fabric itself should be strewn with sparkling glitter too. The one-shoulder dress will also be popular this season, so start working on exfoliating and moisturising the other shoulder now! Red remains a popular choice and makes an appearance in some form almost every year, for 2019 think vivid scarlet or rich ruby.

Keeping prom costs down

Look for shops who supply a good range of styles at more realistic prices. There are plenty out there, most prom dresses from AX Paris are well under one hundred pounds.

Reuse a prom dress if an older sibling or family friend has one that’s only been worn once. Try vintage and second-hand shops where you’re also more likely to pick up something a little more unusual or unique than if you buy from this season’s high street collections.

If you do end up having to spend more than you wanted to on the dress, then cut back on hair, makeup and nails. There are plenty of online tutorials that will show you how to create the perfect updo without the salon price tag.

Set some expectations with your child well in advance if you only have a certain budget. Working together coming up with cheaper, more creative solutions can be far more rewarding than simply picking an expensive dress of the rails.


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