Avoid a festival faux pas

As summer approaches, it’s time to start dusting off the tents and buying those all-important festival tickets. Along with the all-night It seems that no sooner have we booked our tickets, our fashion sense flies out of the window. Flower crowns end up looking like the Ghost of Christmas Past on the girls and the guys – well, the concept of anything goes shouldn’t really apply just because it’s a festival.

Just because you’re off to Glastonbury shouldn’t mean you lose the ability to dress yourself stylishly. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity for some skincare, haircare and grooming before you go, so you don’t return looking like a caveman.

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Good sense often disappears when it comes to festival attire, and our internet shopping basket becomes full of weird items like brightly patterned viscose bowling shirts, too-tight denim shorts, 80’s rocker vests and overly ripped jeans. It could be a case of trying to hard and sadly, many guys totally miss the mark.

Here are some handy hints to steer you back to the path of good sense and sartorial elegance, so you can avoid any serious style slip-ups. Please avoid the following: cropped trousers, bandanas, personality hats, baggy vests or overly ripped clothing. What you do need are the following:

Mirrored Sunglasses – These have a brighter look about them and seem better suited to partying and celebrations. A festival is a great time to try out this style in a few different colours too. Think Wayfarers or aviators or try out a rounded lens look for a little 70s classic styling.

Printed Shirts – If you find it difficult to pull off a printed shirt at other times, then a festival is a great chance to go bold with graphics on a lightweight material. Florals are one of the recent street style trends but think mature rather than Hawaiian. A perfect example is the Bugatti Short Sleeve Shirt from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/bugatti/short-sleeve-shirts

Hats – Like a good pair of sunglasses, hats are an essential accessory, adding a touch of style as well as much-needed protection. They can make a strong statement, even when they are a simple design. Think caps in a washed-out denim or a masculine-looking fedora in a neutral colour.

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Shoes – Now, you’ll want comfort, but this shouldn’t be read as dowdy. You’ll be on your feet for a long time so think white trainers, which are the quintessential casual shoe, offering both comfort and versatility with many different clothing items. As festivals can be messy affairs, buy a spare pair and don’t take any that you absolutely adore. Boots also work well, in brown or black and can give a slightly more bohemian feel to an outfit.



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